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Is A Restricted Calorie Diet Healthy And Safe?

Calorie restricted diets do work. However, without proper medical supervision, they can cause more problems than they solve. How? Any time you restrict your diet you run the risk of losing not only fat but muscle, too.
Your body doesn’t like that, and you gain the weight back, plus more. That’s why we don’t advocate traditional calorie-restricted diets. Instead, we use the physician supervised HCG True Diet.

Three Steps to Success
Step 1: Our experts place you on a customized calorie-restricted diet for 40 days. You learn how to choose your proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables for the healthiest restricted diet possible.
Step 2:  You will receive injections of HCG, a pro-hormone in your body that helps your body make more hormones. However, when used as a weight loss aid, HCG appears to suppress your appetite. And that’s what our clients report. It allows them to comfortably eat much less.
HCG injections burn the fat you already have stored but spares the muscle. That’s critical. When muscle is burned, rebound weight gain is bound to occur. Your body loves the HCG True Diet because it burns only stored fat.
That allows for a stronger metabolism. And that’s the key to keeping the weight off long term.
Step 3: A moderate amount of exercise is essential to the success of this program. Approaching a calorie-restricted diet this way accomplishes two weight loss goals:
With a physician supervised restricted diet you learn how to eat very healthy.
It’s a diet program that can be successful for the rest of your life.
The 40 days that you are on the diet is the springboard for a much healthier lifestyle. It allows you to embrace good health and healthy habits you will use for a lifetime.
With the HCG True Diet, the weight loss can be dramatic, as much as a pound a day. And unlike traditional weight loss diets, the weight stays off.
When was the last time a traditional diet could offer those benefits to you?

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