Used for over 10 years, BOTOX®  is a popular treatment for people who want to improve the look and appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet, revealing a more youthful appearance. You may have heard a lot of great things about Botox but with those great things, there can be a lot of misinformation.  

Many people want to correct signs of aging and wrinkling with cosmetic Botox but are concerned about the possible “frozen” look. However, this like many concerns, are some of the most common fears and myths that have been exaggerated on the internet. Dr. Sanchez addresses some of the top concerns his patients have expressed, which will help keep your mind at ease when choosing Botox as the alternative.  


Myth #1: 

Botox is Toxic and Unsafe:  

Botox is completely safe for cosmetic use. It has been FDA-approved as an anti-aging treatment and is one of the most widely administered drugs on the market today. The misconception that Botox is toxic and unsafe is largely due to the fact that Botox is derived from botulinum toxin, however, low dosages of this protein have been proven safe and effective for both medicinal uses as well as cosmetic.

 Myth #2: 

Wrinkles Will Worsen if you Stop Getting Botox:  

Botox isn’t a permanent solution to wrinkles, so as the effects of Botox generally fade away you will start to regain facial movement in the muscles before your next treatment. Gradually, the fine lines and wrinkles will start to return if you stop treatment altogether, so it’s possible you may never want to stop. However, if you choose to do so there wouldn’t  be any permanent damage. In fact the reduced movement of the treated muscled prevents future wrinkles from forming. 

Myth #3: 

Botox Injections are Painful:  

Botox injections are no more painful than getting a regular shot at a doctor’s office. There may be a mild discomfort, but Dr. Sanchez wants to keep his clients as comfortable and pain free as possible. The needles are very thin for accuracy, and most patients experience little to no discomfort. Numbing cream is is also used and after care instructions are provided.

Myth #4: 

Botox Will Make Me look “Frozen”:   

When injected by a skilled professional, Botox should never make you look frozen or emotionless. The right amount of Botox will not cause your face to look tight,, but instead, your skin will appear softer and more wrinkle free. 

Myth #5: 

A Facial Cream and/or Serum Can Do the Same Thing:  

No skin cream, or serum on the market today can actually relax the muscles in your skin. Only Botox can do that. Creams and serums can only penetrate through a certain level of the skin’s dermis, however, when used together with Botox certain creams and/or serums can enhance your results making your Botox last a bit longer.  

For example, Nelly Devuyst’s Cellular-Matrix Serum helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of expression lines. Containing a mixture of marine elastin and collagen, this serum moisturizes and also helps to soften superficial wrinkles, an ideal serum to incorporate daily to help prolong the effect of Botox. Read more about Nelly Devuyst 

If you have additional concerns or questions, we would LOVE to talk to you. Give us a call and talk to one of our amazing beauty experts or book a consultation and meet with us in person!