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Melasma, most commonly known as pregnancy mask, although extremely annoying, it’s very common and mostly affects women because of  a hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, and excess exposure to the sun. The silver lining to this problem is that you are not alone!

Because so many of our clients were asking for Melasma solutions that work, Dr. Sanchez invested in a laser specifically designed to help break down pigment deep below the surface without causing any harm to the visible surface skin. And, this month, we’re putting the spotlight on how to reverse advanced pigment so that you can keep your skin looking its best and face the Holiday Celebrations confidently.

Your team of Skin experts have created a powerful combination of treatments that will  boost your results and are exclusively available this month.

Purchase Advanced Pigment Fade Laser Series and get a FREE Brighter Skin Treatment ($392 value)

If you have pesky dark spots on your face that you want to get rid of don’t miss out on this month’s featured offer. The Advanced Pigment Fade Laser Package has a value of over $1200 in services for only $900!

It’s time to Fall in Love with Your Skin this month and this package will let you finally show off your beautiful radiant skin!

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Price: $900 ($1,292 value)

Includes: 3 Sessions Advanced Pigment Fade Laser, VISIA Skin Analysis, 1 BeautiLight Brightening Treatment, and 1 Microdermabrasion Session
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3 Sessions Advanced Pigment Fade Laser
VISIA Skin Analysis
1 BeautiLight Brightening Treatment
1 Microdermabrasion Session