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Alle Rewards Program


The new and improved loyalty program from Allergan Aesthetics, Allē, replaces Brilliant Distinctions rewards. Allē Rewards Program offers everything Brilliant Distinctions did and much more!

Botox, Juvederm, and Kybella are all among the brands that Allē providers earn credits with at Beautique Medical Spa in McAllen. In your Allē membership, you will benefit from discounts and special offers from Allergan. Beautique Medical Spa is a licensed Allē provider in McAllen, Texas. Get in touch with us today to receive Allē Botox or Allē Juvederm treatment.

How Does the Rewards Program Work?

Here’s the rundown of the most notable products and procedures you can accumulate points for Allē provides its clientele with points when purchasing Allē Brands and various in-office services and products like laser hair removal, and skincare purchases. Yes, even on items from brands and treatments that are not a part of Allē Brands. Amazing, right?

Pro tip: While you can earn on both Allē Brands and other in-office treatments, you can only redeem your points on Allē Brands.

How Much Are Allē Points Worth?

Every 100 Allē points awarded can be redeemed for $10 toward an Allē brand product.

What Are Allē Brands that Qualify?

Allē Brands can help you earn the most points – but don’t forget that non Allē Brands can also earn you points.

The Allē Brands.



200 pts / per treatment


200 pts / per treatment


200 pts / per treatment


1 pt / per $1 MSRP


150 pts / per treatment

Earn Allē Points With These Services Too – 50 pts

Chemical Peels


Dermabrasion Treatments


Non-Allē Facial Injectables (Filler, Neurotoxins, etc)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

IPL Treatments

Skincare Purchases

Laser Hair Removal

PDO Thread Lifts

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Nonsurgical skin tightening