MiraDry No Sweat! No Stress!

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Stressing over sweat?

You’re not alone. There are 37 million people in the United States who suffer from excessive sweat and/or Hyperhidrosis. Fortunately, miraDry offers a permanent solution.

The miraDry System uses thermal energy that targets and eliminates sweat and odor glands in your underarm. Once those glands are eliminated, they do not grow back.

Goodbye, sweat stains…Hello Confidence! Experience Sweat Free Confidence at Beautique Medical Spa, the only miraDry Practice in McAllen.


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15 reviews for MiraDry No Sweat! No Stress!

  1. Leah Imler

    Waiting for full results. Process was easy and staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

  2. Brittney Niecy-Ortiz

    Best decision ever!! Veronica and Marisol were both so friendly all the time, made me feel super comfortable. They explained every step to me. And super happy with the results, not sweat or smell. Highly recommend!! I have my confidence back!

  3. Amber Pettet

    This is the best medical spa I’ve ever visited! Everyone was extremely friendly and truly made me feel important. Veronica and the doctor both made me feel very comfortable and the treatment went flawlessly. It’s now 2 months and I no longer have to keep a spare shirt in my car during summer.

  4. Yadira Lopez

    She was great and very informative! Process was pain free. [Single best thing is…] No sweat!

  5. Bryna Belisle

    Effective and convenient. As always, Dr. Sanchez and his staff provided impeccable service. I recommend miraDry treatment to anyone who wants to eliminate sweat and odor in the underarm area.

  6. Sarah Barron

    I had concerns about the underarm numbing process which were addressed at the consultation. During the procedure, Vero’s care and technique far surpassed my expectations.

  7. Gillian Risley

    Very professional, great experience, will definitely recommend. Super friendly. Give them 10 stars. Treatment wasn’t painful, I did have to have a second treatment, which is usually rare. But still satisfied considering the only other treatment that worked was Botox, was temporary, and I had to fight with insurance to get them to even cover anything.

  8. Marissa Juarez

    UPDATE: looooooove the results! Sooo glad to have my night-life back where I can dance all night and wear a color other than black to hide the sweat.

    The staff that worked with me was very educated and explained everything to me in detail. They were very comforting to be around and answered any questions I had. Would highly recommend their service! So far my results have been great, but will update in a month for a final review.

  9. Hazel Topete

    I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my sweating. Less sweating and less hair!

  10. Yvette Norris

    Vero is amazing, but am one of the rare ones who need a 2nd procedure, which they did inform me may be necessary in the consultation as I have severe hyperhidrosis. 🙁 There is a noticeable reduction in sweat, but I still have breakthrough sweat at work so am saving for a 2nd procedure.

  11. Ashley Carlotta

    The provider and the rest of your staff were super friendly, knowledgeable and made it a very positive experience. The provider answered all of my questions and quickly quelled any fears or worries I had. It was really nice to have someone perform the procedure who had experienced it for themselves.

  12. Elizabeth Parish

    Staff was great to work with when I inquired about the procedure. Never felt pressured, worked with me on a deal they had and scheduling. Super nice in person and the procedure was easy as it could be. It’s been a few weeks and except for exercising, zero sweat. Nothing. It’s been incredible.

  13. Stephanie Carnevale

    The whole process was so easy. I thought it might be painful but I tolerated it perfectly. Everyone at the clinic was so caring and friendly. For the first time in 18 yrs my arm pits aren’t sweating.

  14. Melanie Koehn

    I struggled with underarm sweat for a long time before I found this procedure and they’re the only one in the area who offers it. I would have done this years ago and 10x over again if I had known it was this good. Extremely happy with the results. Thank you Beautique!

  15. Vicky Garcia

    This was my second treatment. The first treatment I reduced my sweating by 90%. I decided to do the second treatment to eliminate the body odor on my right armpit (which only occurred at the end of day once in awhile) and hopefully eliminate the rest of the sweat on my underarms. The second treatment was much easier than the first. I think the unknown and being tense made the first treatment harder. This time I relaxed and didn’t have the swelling or discomfort. Love not having to wear deodorant and LOVE having no sweat marks. I was a bad sweater.

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