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BeautiLight Facial Treatments

Studies show that only about 10% of most ingredients placed on the skin actually reach the underlying layers. As a result, 90% of ingredients used will not reach the deeper layers of your skin where anti-aging changes take place. But thanks to Topical Light Infusion technology, we can significantly increase the penetration of specifically formulated anti-aging creams and serums. You’ll experience noticeable results right away.

BeautiLight Facials combine the power of LED Light Therapy with Topical Light Infusion (TLI) boosting the delivery and absorption to truly transform skin at a cellular level. And the best news…no downtime, ablative treatments or injections needed!

Finally, by stimulating damaged skin due to age, excessive sun exposure, pollutants, stress, and the environment BeautiLight Treatments can:

  • Improve tone and texture
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve discoloration
  • Reduce redness
  • Improve hydration

 For 20 years, Beautique Medical Spa has been a pioneer in providing results-driven anti-aging services and is the only provider of BeautiLight treatments in the Rio Grande Valley.

“My skin Felt Amazing! I love that I know I’m doing something so good for my skin’s health” -Stella




BeautiLight Infusion Facials

BeautiLight Facials use the power of LED Light Therapy to infuses active skin care ingredients into the upper layers of the skin stimulating positive visible changes. This is accomplished without harming the skin or chemically altering the molecules in the skin care formulas. The powerful skin boosting and repairing serums reduce redness, smooth wrinkles, and sooth acne. Your skin expert will choose the best facial based upon your skin condition and concerns. In most cases, a series is recommended for optimal results.

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Collagen Renewal, Peptide ProNutrient, Revitalizing Retinol, Blemish & Oil Control, Brighten Infusion, EGF Firming, Post Recovery, Resveratrol Illuminating Complex, Wrinkle Repair


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