Non-Surgical Mid-Face Liquid LIFT

This package is ideal for you if you’re most concerned with the part of your face below the eyelids and around the cheekbones, down to the upper lip.

Look 10 Years Younger with Dermal Filler. Facial Rejuvenation using Dermal Fillers gives you a fresh, more youthful look without surgery. Also known as a Liquid Facelift, using dermal fillers provide more subtle results than surgical facelifts, resulting in making your skin look plumper and more revived and improving how you look and feel about your appearance.

Dermal Filler Helps You Look and Feel Younger and is used:

  • in adding volume, definition, and plumpness to lips
  • for plumping and lifting cheeks…often referred to as a “cheek pop”
  • to fill in deeper wrinkles and scars (static wrinkles, acne, or chicken pox scars)
  • to help contour chin and jawline
  • to boost collagen production and replace lost volume in the undereye area (tear troughs).



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