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Soothing Relief Starter

Deliver environmental protection, skin strengthening and soothing redness relief for rosacea-prone skin using highly specialized botanicals and antioxidants to reduce inflammation for healthier, hydrated skin.

System Includes:

Rose Milk Cleanse
Mandelic Defense Tonic
Relieve & Restore Serum
Redness Relief Cream


5 reviews for Soothing Relief Starter

  1. Molly C

    This is the only lotion my baby can use without getting a rash and it keeps his skin very soft compared to other brands I’ve tried. His eczema was out of control with 2 other brands and after I switched to this lotion, it’s completely disappeared and never came back.

  2. Blue Sky ITW

    Excellent lotion for my baby. Not sure why she only can use this kind of lotion. It is very moisture and soft. Very good for my baby’s face . But I feel like not enough moisture for my baby’s body. So far still good it just not sure when she get older.

  3. A. Barns

    I use this as a barrier cream for my elderly parent who is allergic to ingredients in other creams. This cream truly helps to avoid skin breakdown and irritation.

  4. Kristi B.

    My 1st baby had eczema and I used mustela on him and it worked ok, so when my 2nd one arrived we had the mustela on hand but it did not work well with her skin (it broke her out). I know all babies are different and have somewhat of sensitive skin (for obvious reasons).

  5. Kathleen Bialecki

    I was glad I could buy this product from Amazon because I can’t find it in the store.

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