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BOGO UltraSlim Permanent Fat Reduction Package

UltraSlim® is the only non invasive device that is FDA-cleared for immediate fat loss. Burn 9600 in 32 minutes?!?!?! Impossible, you say? Not with UltraSlim the ONLY Cold Laser Light Therapy available in the Valley of its type.  There are many Light Therapies on the market available to permanently lose fat, but don’t be fooled. We have the exclusivity on this FDA cleared device which was invented by NASA Scientists. Permanently eliminate fat in the tissue under the skin without killing or damaging your cells (like Coolsculpting and other popular technologies on the market). UltraSlim allows the body to safely eliminate fat while reducing inches from target areas, slimming, and reshaping body lines while tightening and toning loose skin.  Lose up to 2” in the first visit GUARANTEED. There is NO Catch with Beautique. A Waist Buster Series includes 6 sessions, where other places charge you per area, that’s the catch with other places.

Package Includes:
6 12 UltraSlim Fat Reduction Treatments
– 6 FREE Sessions VibraTherapy
– Get to Know You Consultation





Unlike other popular treatments such as CoolSculpting and other Red Light Therapy Devices, UltraSlim is the only non-invasive treatment that does not damage your cells. UltraSlim simply empties the fat, and the result is a loss of inches around your waist, thighs, arms, or chin, starting immediately. Our propriety programs are designed to target specific areas of your body that never seem to go away no matter how disciplined you are.


Here’s why UltraSlim is clearly the best choice in Fat Loss Technology
•No Dieting
•No Exercise
•No Surgery
•No Pain
•No Drugs
•No Side effects

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6 Sessions, 9 Sessions, 12 Sessions


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