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Hair removal has served many purposes throughout history, such as providing cleanliness and defining status. Whether plucking, shaving, and even waxing with melted sugar, people have been trying to remove unwanted hair for centuries. Like any other beautification technique, hair removal has been updated as new technology and information is introduced to the industry.

About 50 years ago, the first laser designed to destroy hair follicles was invented. Over the course of the following half-century, lasers were tested, altered, tested, and altered some more. Eventually, technology gave us modern-day laser hair removal in the form of electrolysis and intense pulsed light (IPL). These methods treat all skin and hair types, and thanks to updated knowledge about hair growth cycles, permanent hair removal is not only achievable but also virtually ...CONTINUE READING

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How to Implement an Eyecare Routine

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Botox FAQ

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