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Have you ever struggled with your weight? For many Americans, it's a lifelong battle. I recently talked to a colleague of mine about this issue. We discussed how many people in the U.S. are 20b30 pounds overweight. "But why?" I wondered. My colleague had a good point: Each year during the holidays, we put on weight. Maybe it's just a few pounds. In January, we try to lose it, but it's tough to get rid of all of it. Over time, a pound here and two pounds there add up. As years fly by, the weight accumulates, and you end up with an extra 30 pounds weighing you down.

There's more than just appearance at stake here. Being overweight vastly increases your risk for cancer and many other diseases. It's a more frequent cause of breast cancer than radiation. So, it's crucial that we find a way to maintain a healthy    ...CONTINUE READING

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Finding the Right Workout for Your Diet

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Dissecting 3 Popular Diets

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3 Fall Trends to Try Now

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