diamondglow body treatment
Reveal Your Radiance - A Skin-Resurfacing Treatment

DiamondGlow™ Body

DiamondGlow™ is more than a facial, it is also commonly used for the body. Unlike traditional wet body treatments, which rely on chemical exfoliation to treat skin at surface level, DiamondGlow’s™ patented recessed diamond tip wand delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment that deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin. This  3- in- 1 technology simultaneously exfoliates, extracts, and infuses your skin with one of Skin Medica’s professional-grade serums leaving your skin truly transformed.

A customized Diamond Glow body treatment provides a highly customized experience. Our aestheticians calibrate the diamond tip by evaluating your skincare needs, the severity of your complexion conditions, and the cosmetic pursuits you desire to achieve.


To schedule your complimentary consultation with our skincare experts, please click here or give us a call/text at (956) 664- 1234.

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Our skincare specialists will examine your skin to curate a customized blend of SkinMedica products. Our experienced aestheticians can customize the product line to satisfy whether you are trying to brighten your skin, refine pore texture, enhance hydration, or infuse vitamin C, among others.



Diamond Glow offers a complete body therapy treatment. The Diamond Glow system provides a combination treatment, which can simultaneously provide body polishing, vacuum massage, and serum infusion. This dual approach treats the underlying factors that cause skin problems in multiple areas of the body.


Each mechanical handpiece has an adjustable-length tip, allowing our specialists to treat various skin types and skin conditions. High settings are used for treating cellulite, restoring elasticity, and providing deep lymphatic massage; whereas low settings are used for treating stretch marks, rough skin, and acne.

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What are the benefits of a DiamondGlow™ Body Treatment?
  • Brighter, fresher, and smoother skin
  • Skin appears clearer, with unclogged pores
  • More even in tone
  • Improvements in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Suitable for all skin types
What areas does DiamondGlow™ Body treat?
  • Back
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Chest
  • Legs
How Often is DiamondGlow™ Body Treatment Recommended?

We recommend 1-2 treatments per month to see continued improvement and glowing results. Our Beautique professionals will determine your personalized treatment plan.

How Long Does a DiamondGlow™ Body Treatment Take?

This depends on the number of areas being treated at the time of service. However, if treating just the face this only takes 25-30 minutes until you have the ultimate dewy glow!

Who is a Good Candidate?

Diamond Glow is ideal for individuals who have issues with fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne, and skin texture. This procedure is non-invasive and ideally suited for all skin types because it does not involve chemical exfoliants, and it can be adjusted to the patient’s particular needs. Those with sensitive skin can therefore also choose this option.

It’s Your Turn to Reveal Your Belleza

Invest in Your Skin – Book Your DiamondGLow Facial Treatment

McAllen’s Beautique Medical Spa is committed to providing customized aesthetic facial treatments based on your unique skin type, cosmetic goals, and lifestyle. Our specialist aestheticians meticulously analyze your skin to identify the optimal skincare plan, ensuring you achieve optimal results. You will leave our spa looking years younger and feeling radiant. Schedule your complimentary consultation to get started now with a DiamondGlow body and or/ DiamondGlow Facial.

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Veronica Garza is very cautious with my skin as I’m extra sensitive. Always amazing work!
Thelma G
I looove how she works! Very detailed and professional. Provides honest feedback and knows her products.
Susana P
Excellent session. Always do a great job helping my skin look better!
Rebecca L
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