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Medical Grade Facials In McAllen, Tx:

Step Up Your Monthly Facial

Our medical grade facials, performed by our staff aestheticians are professional facials that are designed to exfoliate, hydrate, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin as well as minimize skin blemishes, dry skin, acne and wrinkles. Our facials incorporate ingredients that will thoroughly cleanse your face and remove the top layer of dead skin cells, resulting in a new layer of beautifully glowing skin. Facials are finished with moisturizers that will leave skin feeling soft and help skin cell renewal.We offer both hydrating facial treatments as well as medium to deep exfoliating peels. All facials require a short consultation prior to treatment allowing our staff to thoroughly assess your skin care goals. Read below for descriptions of our most popular treatments.

Restorative Facial

A light treatment customized to address issues that plague the surface of the face including redness, acne, superficial scarring, dehydration, fine wrinkles, and light brown spots. This micro peel leaves your skin feeling soft, supple invigorated, and restored.

Fountain of Youth

This legendary treatment that combines chemical and mechanical exfoliation with the topical application of live embryonic cell serum to dramatically reverse the signs of aging and enhance the skins ability to rebuild itself. It is effective in the treatment of fine lines, all types of scars, acne, redness/blotching, rosacea, photodamaged skin, and skin discoloration. (For optimal results a series is recommended.)

Age Defying Dynamic Dual

Our most popular facial designed to defy the aging process by combating fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and sun spots with a combination of chemical and mechanical exfoliation to achieve smoother looking skin.

It’s Your Turn – Take Your Next Step

Beautique Medical Spa offers a complimentary consultation to allow you the opportunity to tour our facility, meet with a consultant and determine a customized treatment plan that fits all your needs. Please complete the form below and we will contact you to schedule an appointment. Or call us at (956) 664-1234.


Medical Grade Facials In Action At Beautique

Are you ready to get started? Have questions?

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Manual Sanchez at our McAllen, Tx medical spa.
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