Transforming skin with the VISIA

Your Road Map for Results. It Starts with a Perfect Complexion Plan

We can make your skin dreams a reality. How can we make such a bold claim? Because it’s true. Since 2002 we’ve been helping thousands of Rio Grande Valley residents achieve their skin goals with our proprietary facial protocols where beauty meets science by blending good old-fashioned facial techniques with some pretty advanced ingredients and technology that we’ve sourced from all over the world in our years of practice, leaving your skin truly radiant.

We’re probably the only people more obsessed with your skin than you are which is why as part of our commitment to your skin’s excellence all facial services require a thorough consultation before your first treatment so that we can create your customized skin journey. During your consultation you’ll get to share your skin goals, likes and dislikes, your transformation timeline, your level of commitment, and yes, even your budget. We want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other….we are a team after all.

The Perfect Complexion Analysis is the first step of your skin transformation journey. This Analysis features the VISIA by Canfield. A highly sophisticated system that uses TruSkin Age™ technology to compare a patient’s facial skin features against a large database of their peers to calculate their relative skin age. For example, a 35-year-old woman whose skin is in excellent condition may be evaluated with a skin age of 29, or vice versa. The TruSkin Age™ tool analyzes eight different skin features including wrinkles, surface spots, and UV damage, to determine the patient’s skin condition and age. This composite score provides an easy to understand metric that can guide the selection of skin care and treatment options.

Basically, the VISIA will take pictures capturing the left, right, and frontal facial views. This gives us a clear picture of the state of your skin and within minutes you’ll get to see your scans on the computer screen. The first picture will become your baseline and then over time you will be able to compare the progress. It even measures your eyelash growth, so you’ll know how the lash conditioners are working.

This analysis is yours to keep after your plan and will include the services that are best suited to provide you with the results you want and will actually measure the result of skincare to make sure you’re actually getting the benefits of the skincare programs created for your complexion. As we know proper skincare is responsible for 80% of your skins results, but how do you truly know if something you purchased is really working? Seasonal Analysis reports will allow you to track and measure your results throughout the year.


Finally a way to truly measure and track your progress. Gone are the days of paying for treatments and hoping they work, the VISIA allows us to measure the results and tweak treatments and homecare products so that you can show off the skin of your dreams!
It’s Your Turn to Reveal Your Belleza – Book Your Perfect Complexion Analysis today!

Beautique Medical Spa offers a complimentary consultation so your can tour our practice, meet your skin expert, and get customized treatment plan that fits your needs.


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