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Improve Skin Appearance & Smoothness By Removing Skin Tags

Skin Tag Removal In McAllen, TX

We know all too well what a nuisance those pesky skin tags are to you. Helping make you look beautiful is what we do, right here in McAllen. By removing skin tags, we can help you dramatically improve your skin appearance and return the smoothness you have been missing. Skin tags can be a nuisance, catching on your clothes or jewelry, distracting from your overall appearance. With skin tag removal, your skin can be beautiful again. Yes! You can get all of these benefits from just one visit.

Dermal Fillers and PDO Threads

Smoother Looking Skin Immediately

The best part of having your skin tags removed is the instant noticeable change in your skin. Those pesky skin tags that make your skin feel bumpy or look unpleasant are eliminated.

The hassle of having your clothing or jewelry getting caught on your skin tags will no longer be an issue. You will be free to wear the clothes and accessories you love and haven’t worn for a while.

You no longer will be self conscious about how you look. No longer worried about whether or not everyone can see your skin tags.


What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are very small beningn tumors that are primarily found in the neck area, armpit, back, and face. It is possoible to have them on other parts of your body as well. Skin tags tend to be harmless and painless, and do not normally change over time. What is bothersome to many clients is the friction that occurs against the skin which can be uncomfortable.


What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags occurs because of the friction from the skin rubbing against skin, clothing, jewelry, or other materials. These benign tumorss are actually bunches of collagen and blood vessels trapped inside thicker bits of skin.


Dr. Sanchez and his team of skin specialists are often asked on how to get rid of these pesky skin tags. Well, we have heard your concerns and we want to make sure these bothersome tags don’t prevent you from having clearer skin. Come in and talk to one of our specialists and we will determine what’s the best course of action for YOU.

15 Days After Skin Tags Removal

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    Why Our Clients Choose Us!

    Deenis was professional and polite. Reviewed all info regarding miraDry procedure and thoroughly answered my questions. Procedure itself went as described. On 2nd day after procedure I was able to go to work with no problems.
    Myra Rodriguez
    I have been getting the DG Hydration treatment for about a year now and let me tell you, I am absolutely in love with it! My skin has never looked so good! I no longer use foundation and get compliments on my skin all the time from friends and family members. A few weeks ago my sister interrupted my conversation because she said “she couldn’t concentrate because my skin looked so good, that it was glowing!” I highly recommend you investing in yourself!
    Alejandra Sandoval
    Beautique is hands down the best for all beauty, skin, and health needs! A major plus is their amazing staff! Always a great experience visiting Beautique!