While over 16 million people in the United States suffer from Rosacea, treating it is a different story. Our pro-aging experts at Beautique have years of extensive training in diagnosing the different types of Rosacea that affect different skin types, but also how to personalize your treatment plan to treat and control the symptoms so you can put your best face forward this summer. Book your Rosacea Consultation Today and get $50 towards your first Rosacea Treatment at Beautique.

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“I’m Not Blushing…It’s My Rosacea” – Sound familiar? With over 16 million Americans suffering from this chronic skin condition, we understand the emotional and physical impact that Rosacea can have on your life. Clear and healthy skin can easily be taken for granted. But the truth is that having clear skin is often crucial for feeling comfortable and confident about your body and your looks. So it is no surprise that Rosacea can have a severe impact on the lives of our patients. That is why Beautique Medical Spa is proud to offer non-surgical Rosacea treatment in McAllen and the surround RGV community. Through our comfortable and effective treatments, we can help you control Rosacea and keep your skin beautiful.

With April being Rosacea Awareness Month, if you book a consultation, you’ll also receive a COMPLIMENTARY $50 GIFT CARD*, redeemable towards your first Rosacea Treatment.

Did You Know?

✔️ Both Genetics and Environment Play a Role in Rosacea.

✔️ There are 4 Different Types of Rosacea

✔️ Rosacea is most common in people ages 30 to 50

✔️ Rosacea sometimes looks like acne

✔️ Treatment depends on the type of Rosacea.


There are plenty of at-home remedies, but the truth is that almost none of them work. There simply is no replacement for having modern medicine on your side along with a team of professionals. Beautique Medical Spa offers several treatment options for Rosacea, all in a comfortable, professional setting. We carefully match each client with a treatment that will help them get the best results. Our treatments are typically quick, with most sessions lasting well under an hour and many providing instant relief.

I’ve been a client of Beautique Medical Spa since its inception (21 years) and I can honestly say that they are like family. Their customer service is top notch as they take the time to get to know each of their clients. They stay abreast of the latest trends and research and are always introducing new products and techniques. Recently tried Daxxify (brand new product) and absolutely loved the results. Make sure to ask Veronica for this product and so much more.
Melissa L
Veronica Garza is wonderful, knows a lot about everything. Very professional, she explained how the procedure worked and took care of treating areas needed on my arms and hands.
Mary E. G
Excellent care and explanation of LED facial! Back in two weeks for another treatment!
Rebecca L
Obed did an excellent job applying the filler. He took his time and was never in a hurry. He also made suggestions for other possible treatments which I appreciated.
Yolanda M
I'm very happy to be Veronica Garza client! She's so personable; I felt comfortable with her right away. She also has a lot of experience which is important to me.
Collen L
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