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Permanent? Not really.

Laser Tattoo Removal in McAllen

Making the decision to remove what you thought would be a permanent tattoo is not easy. Whether it may be for professional purposes, to remove symbols of your past, or to correct an artistic change of heart, there is no one reason that clients come to Beautique Medical Spa for tattoo removal. Clients may want to completely remove their tattoo or simply lighten it up in preparation for a cover-up. Our laser experts make sure the tattoo removal process is safe, painless and affordable for you. Laser tattoo removal in McAllen, Tx, starts with a complimentary consultation today. To schedule please call/text (956) 664 – 1234.

Tattoo Removal with Laser Tech Expert

GOAL                     Eliminate unwanted tattoo

PRODUCTS           Stellar M-22 Q-Switched laser device

DOWNTIME           Minimal


Learn More About Laser Tattoo Removal in McAllen

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Technology has gone very far in the past couple of years starting from scraping or cutting out the tattoo. Lasers worked by burning away the tattoo and the results from it were far frequently worse scarring than the original tattoo the client was trying to get rid of. Dr. Sanchez and his expert laser team invested in the Q-Switched Nd:Yag because it removes the tattoo while minimizing damage to the skin. It’s the best and most modern laser on the market that is able to penetrate down to the dermis and shatter tattoo ink.


Will the Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Hurt?

Our laser experts do the utmost to minimize any pain or discomfort possible. Many clients describe tattoo removal as a “rubber band snapping the skin” but can vary from client to client. To avoid discomfort we provide our clients with a high-strength topical numbing cream to make tattoo removal painless.


How Much Will Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

During your complimentary consultation with our laser expert, we will measure your tattoo to determine the exact cost per treatment.


How Many Treatments Does It Take to Remove a Tattoo?


There are a number of variables to take into consideration and it depends on each individual tattoo.  There are variations in ink colors and their chemical compositions, depth, and density of ink placement. Predicting how many sessions will be required for the removal of your tattoo will be up to the discretion of one of our professional laser techs.

What Is the Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Like?

During your treatment, your tattoo may turn white briefly.  You may see some swelling and redness, but only usually lasts for a couple of hours. It will eventually feel like a mild sunburn and must be kept bandaged and out of the sun to prevent hyperpigmentation. Our laser expert will give you detailed instructions during your office visit.


How Frequently Can I Undergo Treatment for Tattoo Removal?

We recommend that you wait at least 4-6 weeks in between treatments.

It’s Your Turn to Reveal Your Belleza

Take Your Next Step – Remove Unwanted Tattoos

Beautique Medical Spa offers a complimentary consultation to allow you the opportunity to meet with a laser tattoo removal expert and determine a customized treatment plan that fits all your needs. Please click here or give us a call/text at (956) 664- 1234.

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