6 Steps to Minimize Skin’s Aging

{1} Use Sunblock

Protect your skin from the sun by using a broad spectrum sunblock on a daily basis. Apply liberally to your skin before any sun exposure, and make sure your skin care products and make up protect against the sun as well.

{2} Don’t Smoke

In addition to general health hazards, smoking can be hazardous to your skin’s health. Smoking causes premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, and an unhealthy, sallow complexion.

{3} Get Enough Sleep

Sleep at least 8-9 hours per day. Lack of sleep can cause dark circles and bags under the eyes and sagging of the skin. Reduce your intake of caffeine during the day and avoid eating at least two hours before bedtime.

{4} Reduce Stress

Stress affects your facial expressions, which augment frown lines and wrinkles. Try to limit activities that cause you stress and increase the activities that reduce stress like exercise.

{5} Limit Alcohol

Be very conservative with alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption contributes to aging by dilating small facial vessels, which break on the skin’s surface creating a flushed appearance.

{6} Limit Exposure to Extreme Weather

Extreme weather—both hot and cold—can exacerbate existing skin conditions and cause new ones. Cold winds can dry out the skin causing redness, tightening, and cracking. Heat can also cause dryness, rashes, and burns. Keep the skin hydrated with a daily moisturizer and protected with a broad spectrum sunblock.

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