And The Marvelous Mom Contest Winner Is…

Winner: Leslie W.
Nominated By: Katherine N. (Daughter)

Why Is She Marvelous?

I don’t know where to start, trying to explain why my mom is marvelous. I never appreciated her as I should have until I became a mom myself. My mother was a military spouse, which means she devoted her entire life to love and loyalty for her family, the military, and her country. She was always involved in, well, in everything. Every function pertaining to military groups, school functions, me and my sister’s athletics, she was there; and then would be home to teach private lessons after cooking dinner and checking our homework. All of these things seemed so underwhelming to me as a kid. She made it look so easy, I expected it from her.
In 2008, I was 20 years old and in college when my father divorced my mother and sent her to live with my sister with no more than $1000 and a suitcase. After 30 years of devoted marriage to my father and a lifetime career as a military spouse, she was left alone, heartbroken and penniless. My sister and I did the best we could, but really, what could we do but hug her and watch her rebuild her life. It took time, but she re-certified as a music teacher and worked hard to find a job to save up for her own home. She pushed through her tears and pulled herself into a sustainable and successful life. I was amazed at the strength it took for her to get there, but I didn’t really get it until my (ex)husband kicked me out with my one year old son. He left us penniless, homeless, hopeless. My mom dropped everything, emptied her newly gathered savings and brought a uhaul 9 hours to pick me up and give me shelter and hope. She helped me get back into school to get a career that could support my son without taking my time away from him. My mom’s strength inspired me to get my life together, and I did through her example. I became a teacher; both to inspire other children and still have holidays with my son. My mom continues to amaze me with her generosity, kindness,determination and selflessness. She is a marvelous mom and deserves to be recognized for it.

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