The Lunch Break Face Lift – The BeautiLift

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Do you notice signs of aging? Do you notice that you’re aging well? Do you see your future self, with the next 10 years of skin deterioration?

Personally, a fine line here or there doesn’t effect me as much as drooping jowls or sagging bags under my eyes. The desire for firmer, tighter skin doesn’t just mean wrinkle-free, but also saggy and puffy-free.
Making a comeback and with a completely new, more effective technology, you can take a quick lunch break and go back to work with a firmer, more youthful face! The BeautiLift is a non-surgical procedure using absorb-able PDO threads to lift and contour in less than an hour with no downtime. And they are naturally absorbed into the skin after 12-15 months, leaving the newly developed collagen and elastin in place. This was a HUGE advancement in the use of “threads” that has never been seen before until now.
After the age of 40, a few things start to happen. Hormonal changes make our skin more susceptible to environmental elements, estrogen production begins to change its speed, and our lymphatic system also begins to slow down drastically. We all know that these things happen and our bodies change as we get older but what does this mean for your face? Sagging, drooping, and creases. Specifically, the cheeks, lips, neck, and jowls.  Less elasticity in these areas is one of the first things we notice because we look at our faces in the mirror everyday.

The BeautiLift can reduce the signs of these processes without going under the knife! The procedure, which works amazingly well on the cheeks, lips, neck, and jowls, has a similar result to the traditional face lift without any of the downtime. If surgery is your last result or fillers have not been able to help you achieve the results you were hoping for, then the BeautiLift is your answer. This procedure target areas of the face not only show significant improvement with shape and sag but also improved skin texture and collagen production. Over time, from increased collagen, the appearance of poor skin texture and fine lines diminishes. If these areas are your biggest concern, the BeautiLift is the treatment for you.

Longer lasting results can also be achieved by layering different anti-aging services together. Sessions of the BeautiLift, dermal fillers, and Botox® can work together to completely turn back the clock. Contact Beautique Medical Spa today and talk to one of our consultants about what you want to achieve and how we can get you there. 


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