Viviscal: 3 Months to Fuller, Thicker, Hair

We notice many things happening as we age, it is part of life. We expect wrinkles, looser skin, a harder time keeping weight off, and changes in how we need to care for ourselves. One thing that is not widely talked about is thinning hair. It happens to thousands of men and women. Fortunately, there has been much study and research on this issue. Solutions include surgeries, shampoos, remedies, and therapies. We here at Beautique have found what we believe to be one of the most AMAZING solutions to thinning hair! It’s called Viviscal and it is a drug-free dietary supplement that is backed by 25 years of research and 7 clinical studies. Not only has it proven itself scientifically, but it is also recommended by board-certified dermatologists and renowned hair-transplant surgeons. I bet you are wondering, how does it work and why is it so amazing?
If you are an avid follower of our blogs, then you know that we have briefly discussed the stages of the hair growth cycle before. Here, again, it is important to understand that cycle and how it affects hair growth. Viviscal has created this great short video explaining the growth process.

How Viviscal Works

“Only Viviscal dietary supplements contain the proprietary AminoMar® marine complex, plus a blend of vital nutriendts that nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth* from within. In the 1980’s, a Scandinavian professor studying the Inuits discovered that their great hair and skin was the result of their fish- and protein-rich diet. He isolated the key protein molecules from the Inuits’ diet and, from these origins, AminoMar was created. Since the professor’s discovery, Viviscal has been tried and tested worldwide” – Viviscal Website

Why Viviscal

Viviscal  is THE clinically proven, drug free answer to thicker and fuller hair. Not to be confused with your local drug store supplement, the professional-grade Viviscal  Hair Growth Program nourishes hair from within, promoting growth and volume. This program allows you to have the thicker, fuller, healthier hair you desire.

See For Yourself!

Book an appointment with Beautique and find out more about what Viviscal can do for you.

Right now, get fuller, thicker hair with this great offer from us to you!


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