Marisol’s Six-Month Journey to Clear Skin

Did you know that Acne affects over 60 million Americans? If you have any form of acne, from an occasional break out to being completely plagued with acne, please know that you are NOT alone. In fact, not many are immune to this condition, including our very own Guest Relations Manager, Marisol Rivera.
Marisol bravely documented her 6-month journey to clear skin and is sharing her step-by-step regimen with us!

First, lets take a look at the type of acne Marisol was suffering from:

As you can see, Marisol suffered from a combination of active acne as well as scarring from previous breakouts. As those of us with moderate to severe acne know, it is a vicious cycle. As soon as we get a breakout under control, the next break out is around the corner and ready to strike, before our skin has a chance to completely heal. This creates complex layers of scarring and discoloration in the skin.  Six years ago, when Marisol began her career with Beautique Medical Spa, she didn’t have the extensive skincare knowledge that she has today, but under Veronica’s guidance, she was able to start her path to clear skin.

First Steps

Assessing her skin and choosing the right products. Knowing the difference between high and low-quality skin care products is an important factor. Generally, drug store face washes and treatments are not very effective and contain many unneeded chemicals and fillers which can lead to worse skin. Rhonda Allison skin care products (proudly offered by Beautique Medical Spa) are result-driven solutions to many skin issues including acne. Rhonda Allison is known for her advanced research with acids for peels and cutting-edge technology.
Marisol started off with:

Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea Cleanser

– this cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin. It is a great combo of antioxidant rich green tea and pore cleansing salicylic acid.

Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea Lotion

– great for problematic skin, this toner balances the skin and keeps excess oil in check

Rhonda Allison Blemish Serum

– reduce the appearance of blemishes and support pure skin. Can be used for spot treatments or as an all over treatment.


Light Therapy, Peels, and Lasers

Once she was receiving the right formulas for her skin, Marisol started light therapy treatments, laser treatments, and facial peels. These methods have various benefits for acne prone skin such and removing dead/scarred layers of skin, brightening hyper-pigmentation, and inhibiting acne causing bacteria.
Here is her treatment regimen:


– We started her off with some gentle peels which is the ideal starting point for clients who have never had a peel before. These treatments remove dead skin cells gently and stimulate cell regeneration.

LED Facial

–  Marisol had LED Therapy at least twice a week. This is a colored light therapy used for different types of skin issues. Namely, blue-light therapy kills acne-causing bacteria without further damaging the skin.

Laser Hair Removal

– we don’t always think of acne when it comes to hair removal, but did you know plucking and waxing can cause some deep-rooted breakouts? With Laser Hair Removal many see improvements in their acne because it eliminate hair and ingrown hairs without irritation and helps to reduce oil and inflammation.

Intense Pulsed Light

– Intense Pulsed Light is one of THE best ways to even out skin discoloration and erase acne scars. IPL targets pigment cells and treats hyperpigmentation.  We also used the acne settings to make sure that we were killing the pAcne bacteria that is such a havoc wreaker in our skin.

Dermalinfusion Facials

– Silk Peel Dermalinfusions are similar to Microdermabrasion but are targeted to more specific issues like acne. Dermalinfusion Facials are step up from regular Micros because it infuses your skin with nutrients which aid in the cell turnover and healing process.


Marked Improvement

Marisol’s skin began to improve shortly after she began her treatments and drastic improvements at about 2 months into her journey. With her skin clearer than ever, but still some problem areas, Marisol began using the premier skin care line Nelly Du Vuyst – a gentle approach, which is recommended while using light, laser, and peel therapies. Nelly Du Vuyst products boast natural and plant derived ingredients combining the best of science and nature while being good to the environment.
Marisol’s Nelly Du Vuyst Regimen:

Nelly Foaming Cleanser

– light, gentle, and airy yet deep cleansing for sensitive skin acne prone skin.

Nelly Sensitive Skin Toner

– maintain pH balance with this mild and soothing toner which focuses on the hydrating upper layers of the dermis.

Nelly Radiance Cream

– specifically designed for those who are prone to brown spots and hyper-pigmentation. Lighten the skin while maintaining optimal hydration.


Now, with gorgeous glowing skin, Marisol’s current regimen includes:


Physiodermie Hydrating Milk Cleanser

– a gentle cleanser that moisturizes and rebalances your skins pH balance which is an important preventative measure.

Nelly Sensitive Skin Toner

– continued daily use as seen above.

Nelly Hygia Oil

– this amazingly versatile blend of essential oils that is antiseptic and antibacterial promoting clean fresh skin.

Skinesque Washing Powder

– a wonderful exfoliant that uses enzymes and vitamins to remove impurities and slough away dead skin. Marisol currently uses this 2-3 times a week to maintain radiant skin.


Today Marisol has her regimen down to a science and as you can see from the after picture below, she is doing it well. She no longer needs heavy foundation or concealer. In her after pic below all she is wearing is:


Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer

– Jane Iredale is an amazing cosmetic line that focuses on clients looking great with good-for-skin products. Smooth Affair Primer is great for oily skin and creates an even skin tone while minimizing the appearance of pores.

Jane Iredale PurePressed Mineral Powder in Latte

– weightless sheer matte powder

Jane Iredale PurePressed Mineral Blush in Mystique


RevitaLash Primer & Mascara

– RevitaLash is known for great lashes and their motto is “Yes, they’re real!” Marisol uses lash primer to smooth unruly hairs and create a lengthening foundation for volumizing mascara.


Congratulations to our beautiful Marisol and her stunningly beautiful complexion!


As an added treat, you can watch Marisol talk about her journey and answer questions LIVE on our Facebook page here: Marisol LIVE on Facebook!
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