How to Fight Hyperhidrosis and Reduce Sweat Permanently!

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Rio Grande Valley Residents… Do You Have Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis… A Fancy word for Excessive Sweating. Here’s everything you need to know about how to reduce sweat permanently with miraDry so you can start enjoying summer activities with confidence.


Do you dread getting ready for work because you know you’re going to sweat through your clothes?

Does the thought of putting on the bridesmaid dress make you shudder?
If you sweat profusely from hands, feet, and underarms chances are you have hyperhidrosis…. that’s fancy for excessive sweating. We’re not talking about feeling sticky and sweaty because we live in the Rio Grande Valley (AKA the sun). We are talking about sweating so much that sweat stains are visible on your clothes, even in the winter. Or slipping out of your shoes because your feet are so sweaty. Or knowing that every time you shake someone’s hand, you’re going to see them try not to react to your sweaty, clammy hand so you won’t feel bad. THAT kind of sweating.

We know that this is a big problem… such a big problem in fact that the positive thing about this is that you are not alone. Approximately 7.8 million people in the United States suffer from hyperhidrosis. Of those 7.8 million people, about 4 million of them suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating). Hyperhidrosis is when your nervous system automatically your sweat glands as your body temperature rises. Sweating also occurs naturally on hands and feet and increases intensity with nerves.

How can you treat excessive underarm sweat?

Traditionally the most common ways to treat excessive sweating have been with prescription drugs, wipes, prescription deodorants, and Botox. That’s right until recently Botox was really the most effective option in treating hyperhidrosis. While very effective, it has a couple of cons; the biggest one is that it is temporary. Fortunately, in 2011, miraDry was FDA-cleared to permanently treat axillary hyperhidrosis, which means that we can now permanently eliminate sweat, odor, and hair in the underarms in as little as one treatment. For now, Botox is still the only option we have to temporarily help with excessive sweating in those areas.

Hearing it from our clients first hand we know that it has been life-changing. They were confident at work and ended up being promoted after having their palms treated using Botox. We are changing lives at Beautique Medical Spa.

Today we want to focus on axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating). As you may know, Dr. Sanchez and his team are very strategic about which services and technologies to introduce to his patient base. They have to solve concerns that are unique to the demographic in the Rio Grande Valley. Because we live in such a hot environment, naturally most people think that if they have excessive sweating of the underarms they need to “just grin and bear it”, thankfully that is not true. You see living in a hot climate is not what causes hyperhidrosis. People who sweat profusely have an overactive nervous system and can’t really control the sweating. That is why he loved miraDry. Being able to restore his patients’ confidence in being able to wear what they want, when they want, was very exciting for him.

So, is miraDry worth it?

According to the national website Real Self, 81% of patients who have had the procedure say it’s “worth it”. In fact, in our own office, three of our team members have had it done and LOVE the results.

Even after an intense workout- no pit stains!

What is miraDry and how does it work?

miraDry is a non-surgical, FDA-Cleared treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to painlessly reduce the number of underarm sweat and odor glands by permanently eliminating excess sweat and odor. miraDry is an easy treatment that can be completed in a physicians’ office in as little as an hour and works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area, heating and subsequently eliminating the underarm sweat glands and smell. As soon as we explain the basis of this treatment, we immediately get the response, “Don’t you need to sweat for detoxification?” Truth is, we have anywhere from two-four million sweat glands found in our bodies. The underarms only contain 2% of them, which means that your body will still perspire allowing your body to cool itself off. You just won’t have the excess underarm sweating or odor, which obviously is unnecessary for your body to function.

Who is a candidate for miraDry or how do I know if I’m a candidate?

An ideal candidate is a person that suffers negatively from excessive underarm sweating. It disrupts daily living and affects the choices in activity and clothes worn. This treatment could be right for you if you have ever found yourself avoiding a social event or activity because you are embarrassed by your sweat and odor. We already established that almost eight million people suffer from excess sweat in this country. It is thought at least 4.8% of those people have never seen a doctor or have been formerly diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis. This means that you, a patient, don’t need to come to us with a formal diagnosis. During our consultation process, we will ask a series of questions and perform a starch test. This test will allow our miraDry expert to see your sweat level and determine whether or not you should invest in this procedure.

What is the miraDry process?

Once a patient decides that they are ready to proceed with this treatment, our team gives them a detailed pre and post treatment checklist. The most common preparations are that you will need to shave a few days before. During the treatment we apply local anesthesia. We invested in a technique from Germany that allows us to inject the anesthesia quickly and evenly, so that patients have the most minimal discomfort possible. We mark the underarms using a template once the area is numb so that our therapist knows where to apply the heat. The handpiece passes over the area and gently suctions the skin as a way of bringing the sweat glands to the surface allowing them to get more heat.

Patients say they feel the suction, but not the pain during treatment. There is also a cooling function during the entire process which makes the treatment tolerable. After the treatment, there really isn’t downtime. The one big “no-no” is no intense exercising or heavy lifting or running for at least a week after your treatment.

miradry procedure

Our own Savannah getting sweat-free with miraDry!

You can watch our nurse Deenis (who has had miraDry herself) perform a miraDry treatment.

How much does miraDry Cost and How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Yes, we mentioned that our expert will let you know whether or not to invest in this procedure after your consultation. We say that because it is an investment. The national average for one treatment is about $2250, so it is not inexpensive, but it is the only FDA-Cleared technology available on the market today. In most cases, you will only need one of these 3-in-1 power treatments.

Remember, miraDry is cleared to:

  1. Permanently eliminate sweat by 82%
  2. Eliminate the odor that comes from sweat
  3. Permanently remove underarm hair by about 72%.

MiraDry is effective in over 90% of treated patients, studies have shown. Plus 80% of those patients only needed one treatment to experience above 80% reduction in sweat, odor, and wetness. In some cases, a second treatment may be needed, which is why we will evaluate our patients at about six-months post-procedure and do another starch assessment if the patient tells us that they still have odor and wetness. While insurance does not cover miraDry, our practice offers and accepts Care Credit as an affordable option for this and all our services offered.

While we know it’s not inexpensive, when you compare it to Botox as an alternative it is a much better option because:

  • It is a needleless option
  • It is permanent, compared 7 months between Botox treatments
  • In the end, it is actually less expensive than Botox because Botox is anywhere from $999-$1500 per treatment that lasts 7 months, but miraDry is permanent and solves three issues; sweat, odor, and underarm hair.


miradry before and after

Look at the difference one treatment makes!

Can Complications Occur?

In General, miraDry is extremely safe. The most common side effects are that your underarms will be swollen, and sore, and the patient may experience numbing and tingling sensations. These issues aren’t typically serious, but it is a medical procedure so there is always a risk of complications. It is CRUCIAL to get this procedure done by certified therapists in a medical facility for this reason. In the Valley, we are one of two locations that offer miraDry, but we are a certified practice and have performed over 40 treatments in the past months since we introduced this treatment to our practice. Three of us on-site have had miraDry done personally and love the results.

We absolutely love miraDry! If you are bothered or embarrassed by excessive sweat and odor, then consider getting miraDry. You will be so happy you did. It really has changed our patients’ lives. You can watch what Deenis has to say about this revolutionary treatment here. There’s no reason to live with embarrassment or fear anymore.

It’s time to Sweat Less & Live More!

To learn more about miraDry check out our other blog post on this amazing treatment!

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about miraDry please call us at (956) 664-1234 to schedule your FREE Starch Assessment now!

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