How to Know if Microneedling is the Right Anti-Aging Treatment For You

Have you heard about Microneedling, but aren’t quite sure what it involves? In today’s blog, we’re going to give you the inside track on microneedling and why it’s one of our favorite treatments for skin rejuvenation – Microneedling, which is a type of “Collagen Induction Therapy” or the “Vampire Facial”  which is when we draw your blood and use your platelets during the microneedling treatment. Microneedling has recently become extremely popular, thanks to social media, but in reality, some say that its origins could go back all the way to Ancient China and acupuncture where acupuncture’s primary purpose was to unblock channels or passageways to allow energy to flow. 


Today acupuncture is used to improve your health and promote your body’s own healing abilities. Well, that’s essentially what microneedling does and how the procedure was essentially developed and adopted into today’s cosmetic industry! But do you know why you should get a microneedling treatment?

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As the skin ages, it produces less and less collagen and elastin, two proteins that form the connective tissue protecting and hydrating the skin (basically, what keeps your skin looking tight and youthful). McAllen microneedling facial treatments generate micro punctures in the epidermis, triggering the wound healing process to cause the body to produce additional collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter and more revitalized skin. 


At Beautique Medical Spa our team is obsessed with helping McAllen area residents turn back and win this fight against aging, which is why Dr. Sanchez and the Beautique aesthetics team recommend microneedling, because we know that this treatment will help you achieve tighter, lifted, more youthful skin…in fact, it’s one of our core “turn back the clock” treatments.

Microneedling: What to Expect, and Why You Need This Age Reversing Service

Microneedling is a non-surgical and non-ablative procedure for treating signs of aging. It is ideal for smoothing out any fine lines on your face, reducing cellulite, tightening the skin, smoothing over spots of uneven pigmentation in your skin, and reducing the appearance of scars. 


Prior to your treatment, a topical numbing agent will be applied to make sure that you are comfortable. A soothing gel will then be used to minimize abrasion and lubricate the pen. As your pen moves across the skin, you will feel sandpaper-like texture, but this sensation is no more painful than irritation you will feel upon application of an over-the-counter scrub. 


As the EVO Microneedling device glides over your skin, tiny needles create micro-injuries in the skin. These micro-injuries stimulate the body’s natural wound healing process. Basically, your skin is tricked into thinking it has been damaged, and as a result of this, the generation of new collagen cells is stimulated so your complexion appears smoother and more youthful.

Microneedling McAllen

Microneedling in McAllen can be used to treat:

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Stomach
  • Back
  • Legs




The Ideal Candidate

Microneedling is beneficial for patients with facial blemishes like enlarged pores, acne scarring, wrinkles, and fine lines, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture, or under-eyes puffiness and dark circles. Dr. Sanchez and his skin care specialists team will evaluate your needs to help you decide if microneedling is for you during your one-on-one consultation.

Choose the Right Type of Microneedling for You

At Beautique Medical Spa, the use of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), hyaluronic acid (HA) (also known as dermal fillers), or growth factor gels can often be coupled for microneedling to enhance its effectiveness. You’ll most commonly hear about microneedling with PRP though. PRP, also known as platelet-rich plasma, is found in the blood and contains numerous growth factors that aid cosmetic tissue recovery at a cellular level. Using your own cells, PRP gives your skin everything it needs to restore its natural beauty without any chemicals. A small amount of blood is drawn from you and placed in a sterile tube that is spun down in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood. Red and white blood cells are divided from the platelets and the plasma. This plasma now contains a higher than normal number of platelets and is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

The PRP is then injected into specific areas of the skin, acting as a matrix that promotes your own collagen to grow, and regenerate tissue, and thus acts to naturally smooth and tighten the skin. In this way, PRP softens wrinkles and creates smoother skin texture and tone without you having to worry about reactions or botched treatments because we’re using your own platelets! The results are even more noticeable and longer-lasting than just a regular microneedling treatment. 

Visible Results Age Reversing to Expect After Your First Microneedling Session

You will see results following your very first session. However, our Beautique Medical professionals do recommend having at least three sessions completed over the course of a few months. At the time of your appointment, we will provide you with the necessary information to ensure that you are taking care of your skin properly to maintain the results and benefits of this procedure over the long term.


After your treatment, you may experience redness as a byproduct of the procedure, similar to a sunburn. This usually fades away within one week and is nothing to worry about. We can provide complimentary ointments to relieve any discomfort, and makeup can be worn to cover any redness that remains. Steer clear of sun exposure after treatment and please use sun protection every day! Below you will find one of our best-selling SPF, you’ll absolutely love it!

skinmedica essential defense broad spectrum sunscreen spf

SkinMedica Essential Defense Everyday Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 47

This lightweight, sheer sunscreen is ideal for oily and/or combination skin, giving you the highest level of UVA protection available, along with UVB coverage in a formulation that won’t clog pores.


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How Much Should I Expect to Invest for Microneedling in McAllen?

The asking cost of microneedling in McAllen will depend on how many areas are treated, and on a few other parameters including if PRP is used together with other treatments. At the time of your first consultation, a Beautique staff member will provide you with a quote. We can assist you with financing, should you require it.


Microneedling: The Proven Way To Younger More Radiant Looking Skin

In conclusion, microneedling is a great Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) option that can help rejuvenate your skin. By treating sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles, diminishing scars, treating enlarged pores, reducing cellulite, and more, microneedling can help improve the overall appearance and health of your skin. If you’re looking for a way to achieve younger-looking skin without expensive and invasive procedures, then microneedling in McAllen may be the right choice for you.`

Dr. Sanchez and his team customize each treatment to the needs and skin care concerns of each patient. We focus on both results and an exceptional patient experience from start to finish. Are you prepared to make that commitment to yourself? Book your complimentary consultation with us and we’ll help you get started right away! Give us a call or book online click here.


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