Body Exfoliating Bath Mitt

Designed for sensitive skin, delicate areas, and those with eczema, this thinner weave is gentle all while delivering deep exfoliation.






Looking for a natural and effective way to exfoliate your skin? Look no further than SENDE’s traditional Turkish Deep Exfoliating Body Keses. High-quality, our keses are made with a unique weave, delivering a non-scratchy, yet highly effective exfoliation with a range of benefits:


FRESHER HEALTHY SKIN ✨ Removes dead skin buildup and impurities: Minimizes skin issues such as acne, rashes, flakey dry skin, eczema, and helps skin feel less congested.

BRIGHTER, SMOOTHER, SILKY SKIN ✨ Smooths rough skin, bumpsy Keratosis Pilaris (“strawberry skin”, “chicken skin”), and helps release ingrown hairs.

SYNERGY WITH YOUR BODY CARE ROUTINE AND TREATMENTS✨ Exfoliation helps your skin absorb serums, lotions, and oils so they are more effective. Exfoliation with a SENDE kese is also excellent before laser, waxing, and tanning sessions, for more effective waxing/laser sessions, and for longer-lasting tans.

EFFECTIVE ✨ We are confident in our top-tier product and expertly crafted keses. Use a kese for at-home microdermabrasion sessions which are much more cost-effective than a spa or clinic visit, and can be done at home whenever you please.

FOR SELF MASSAGE ✨ Promotes blood and lymphatic flow for a better feeling body, and may help with cellulite appearance.

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10 mL


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