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Over time we see the evidence of aging on our faces. Wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear. The skin loses tone and elasticity. The same thing happens to the skin on our bodies. It loses elasticity and begins to sag. Metabolism changes make it harder to eliminate fat and skin starts to dimple and look lumpy. But the same way we can treat the affects of time on our faces, we have the technology to rejuvenate the body. Here are two popular and highly effective therapies:

3DEEP Body Therapy

3DEEP is an FDA-approved technology that uses radio frequency to treat sagging skin and wrinkles non-invasively. Energy is delivered to the deepest layers of the skin to promote the production of collagen, which improves overall skin surface texture while reducing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles and replacing them with firmer skin. It provides complete skin tightening and contouring anywhere on the body where sagging or loose skin exists. 3DEEP tightens skin in smaller areas including:
• Neck
• Lower jaw
• Chest
• Upper arms
• Knees
3DEEP contours skin and reduces cellulite in larger areas including:
• Waist
• Abdomen
• Buttocks
• Thighs
• Hips
Deep heating causes the skin to contract and tighten while stimulating new collagen production, bringing fresh new skin to the surface. Collagen production continues long after the treatment session to further tighten skin and yield a youthful, tightened, and lifted appearance. 3DEEP also facilitates smooth skin by improving blood flow, promoting breakdown of fatty deposits, and promoting drainage of retained fluids within the skin.
Effective on all skin types and colors, 3DEEP treatments are designed for patient comfort. It’s a quick procedure with no downtime, minimal discomfort, and minimal risk of side effects. A handpiece is gently massaged over the treatment area in a circular motion and slowly warms as it delivers energy deep into the skin.


Vacuodermie originated in France and was first used to treat medical conditions such as tendonitis, joint and tendon fibrosis, muscle and tendon injuries, and circulatory functional problems. Today it is also used to treat esthetic conditions.
Vacuodermie is a non-invasive procedure in which a vacuum is applied to the skin. The vacuum increases the blood flow at different levels of the skin while simultaneously stretching the connective tissue to allow room for more circulation. It also relieves congestion due to the swelling of fat lobes in overloaded areas.
The overall stimulation of local circulation (arterial, venous, and lymphatic) generates better exchanges at the cell level and consequently increases metabolism to include oxygenation, elimination of toxic wastes, and cell rejuvenation. Stretching the connective tissue loosens the connective fibers, stimulates the production of collagen, and increases the resiliency of the elastic fibers to achieve firmer, more toned skin, while improving its physical and mechanical qualities.
The vacuum stimulates the natural functions of the body and therefore remains both safe and comfortable. The treatments result in soft and new looking skin. Vacuodermie is effective for:
• Body Contouring—It reduces the appearance of fat overloaded areas of the body, particularly the abdomen, hips, and thighs.
• Cellulite—It significantly diminishes the dimpled appearance and lumpy irregularities of cellulite.
• Scars—It can significantly speed up the healing process and improves the aesthetic look of scars and incisions.
• Pain Management—It stimulates nerve receptors and generates a soothing effect to relieve pain.
For more information on body rejuvenation or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, call (956) 664-1234 today.

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