What Is Dermaplaning And How To Know If This Face-Shaving Treatment Is Right For You

This exfoliating facial treatment is exploding right now, and here is what you need to know.

We’ve been helping Rio Grande Valley Resident’s Reveal Their Belleza for 17 years and believe us when we say we have seen many crazy fads come and go in the esthetics and anti-aging world. But we do have some tried and true favorites, our gold standards that we just can’t live without such as: Microdermabrasion, Fraxel, and, of course Botox. What we find interesting is when we see treatments that are considered “oldies but goodies” blow up in popularity again. One of these services is Dermaplaning, and like most services that have been recycled over time it’s become one of the “must have” services that we use to complement practically every one of our clients’ facial or anti-aging treatment. This quick and effective treatment has been practiced by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for over 40 years. It was originally performed as an alternative to chemical exfoliation and later used to prepare the skin for resurfacing treatments and deeper chemical peels and even though it’s experienced a rebirth over that past couple of years, we just can’t get enough of it. It is such an easy and high results yielding service that enhances all the other services offered and allows products to penetrate deeper and produce visible results quicker.

What is Dermaplaning?

Did you know that you have layers and layers of dead skin cells just sitting on your face? When these dead skin cells are not exfoliated correctly, or often enough, you may notice dullness, wrinkles, and breakouts in your skin; that is our skin’s natural cell rejuvenation process. Thank goodness you can do something about it though by removing those dead skin cells to reveal healthy, vibrant, glowing skin. As mentioned above, Dermaplaning was performed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to exfoliate the skin before performing more invasive treatments.  Fast forward 40 years and things have changed a bit, but as with any other treatment that you get for your face and body, it is important to have a trained and licensed professional perform dermaplane.
We recommend getting dermaplane treatments every 6-8 weeks. This non-invasive treatment essentially “shaves” your face using a sterile surgical scalpel to manually removes any unwanted peach fuzz, thoroughly, yet gently exfoliates your skin to reveal your healthy glow while also helping serums and moisturizers penetrate deeper, giving you the results that you want.

Is Dermaplaning Beneficial?

You want to shave my face? Yes, we know it sounds very counter-intuitive, and NO the vellus hair (peach fuzz) will not grow back thicker and darker because dermaplaning shaves the hair but doesn’t change the follicle of your hair. But the truth is that dermaplaning is very beneficial because pretty much anyone can experience smoother, softer skin after dermaplaning, even those who have rosacea or sensitive skin, however, clients who are in the middle of an active acne outbreak should hold off until their outbreak has passed. This is basically the non-invasive treatment that clients have been requesting non-stop. This procedure is so gentle and painless you really don’t feel anything as it removes the surface layers of dead skin for instant smoothness and radiance, while promoting skin cell regeneration over time. The process results in a stimulating effect which causes your skin to produce more collagen, promoting tighter skin and a even texture. Besides smoother softer skin, another benefit you’ll see immediately is how your makeup will glide on much easier once you have removed the dull skin cells and the little hairs on your face. We do recommend that you wait a few hours before covering your face in makeup (24 hours is best), and DEFINITELY do NOT SLEEP with makeup on that night following your treatment (btw, you should never sleep with makeup).


Gliding the scalpel over the skin at a precise 45-degree angle, a licensed medical aesthetician will make short, small, downward strokes removing anywhere from four to eight layers of dead skin cells. It’s important to remember that even though there are hundreds of “how to Dermaplane at home videos” on YouTube this is a technical procedure that is really meant to be done by a licensed professional. You want to avoid any kind of skin damage you could possibly do at home, because this is still a blade.
We here at Beautique recommend adding dermaplaning as an add-on service to most facial services such as: Silk Peel Dermal Infusion, IPL, VIPEEL (pretty much anything), or can get the Dermaplaning facial as a stand alone service, the choice is yours. This facial, called DermaGlow includes a double cleanse, tone, Dermaplane, LED Light Therapy, massage, mask and moisturizer. One huge benefit to getting dermaplaning is that you can also add growth serums and other therapies, which penetrate deep to help boost your results and improve your skin even further.
Dermaplaning is great for those who want to minimize sun damage, fine lines, and dull skin because it helps smooth uneven texture and superficial acne scarring. Skin may appear a bit pink and will be very sensitive to the sun after the procedure, so it’s important to wear sunscreen. Otherwise, work and other activities can be resumed immediately. Remember that it takes around ​40-50 days for your epidermis to “turn over” so you don’t want to get this procedure done more often than every 6-8 weeks and if you have very sensitive skin you may only want them one each Season and treat your skin with other exfoliation treatments and LED the other months. Make sure to “layer” your dermaplaning with other therapies for maximum benefit and get some kind of Vitamin A + Vitamin C based serum after your procedure (this will maximize your benefits). Our aestheticians protect clients’ skin by tailoring each skincare regimen and treatment plan for their clients.

Does It Matter Who Performs My Dermaplane Treatment?

Obviously, we can’t tell you who to choose, but we can give you some guidelines to follow.  Don’t trust just anyone to perform your dermaplaning facial. We recommend that you choose a licensed esthetician working in a medical spa environment where there is a doctor or nurse on site just in case.  This is no ordinary razor, choose a professional to minimize nicks, ingrowns, and stubble.
Call us with any questions you may have or how to schedule your dermaplaning service today at (956) 663-1234 and Reveal La Belleza in you!

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