Healthy Advice For New & To-Be Moms

Having your hands full with a new baby often means your beauty routine takes a back seat. Between diaper changes, feeding, and the desperate need for sleep, you don’t have tons of time to invest in a skin-care and makeup regimen anymore, which means it’s easy to slip up and make some common beauty mistakes. Some are very blessed to have a handful of people to help them when their bundle of joy finally makes it home, but when grandma, tia, and dad all have to go back home and or work and your left alone, those overwhelming feelings of OMG what am I supposed to do NOW? First of all, woosah and take a deep breath. You can’t tackle it all at once, but you can take small steps toward helping yourself feel like you again. Here are a few tips to follow:


You will most likely want to continue with your prenatal vitamins postpartum, and there may be other vitamins and minerals you can benefit from. Talk to your doctor to determine safe and beneficial supplements. If you’re feeling imbalanced, they can recommend safe, helpful option.


A good diet is important for you and your baby’s health, especially if you’re breastfeeding. The nutrients you consume will also go to your baby, so turn to easy, healthy meals (yes, it is possible). Try meals that you can grill ahead of time, cut up, and freeze for later in the week; fresh prewashed peas, carrots, and tomatoes for a salad; and frozen berries that you can turn into a delicious smoothie.


It’s tempting to let exercise fall by the wayside with everything else you have to prioritize — but don’t let it. Exercise will not only help you maintain your weight, it will also lift your spirits and promote the production of hormones that keep you healthy.


Whether it’s a relaxing and detoxifying facial massage or a yoga class, make sure you’re carving out a little bit of time each day for yourself. We know that it’s hard to leave your new baby, even for a little bit at first. But giving yourself “me time” and turning some focus inward can actually help you be a better mom.  Remember, you just went through an important, life changing event! Give yourself some time to celebrate that fact and care for yourself. You and your baby will be better for it.
These are 4 simple steps that can help you get your new routine in order and help you feel like you have it all under control.  Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor anything and remember your family is there to help!!  Just know that happy healthy mom is a happy healthy baby!!
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