Look Noticeably Younger Without Surgery

We “see” you raising your hand because we’re “raising our hands” right along with you.  We’ve never met a man or woman that who does not want brighter, fresher clearer skin. Not a day goes by that we don’t have someone ask us what can be done for deep wrinkles, spots, and acne scarring. We’re lucky because we’ve been helping McAllen area men and women achieve their skin goals for 18 years now and we have a few options that we can use on our patients to help with their concerns. We choose the option based on their needs, budget, time, skin type/color etc., but time and time again we choose Fraxel to treat fine lines and wrinkles like crow’s feet and brow lines. It also helps smooth out surface scarring by helping to erase effects of acne and other scarring. Reverses Pigmentation concerns by diminishing the appearance of age spots and minimizes Sun Damage by helping to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin. And finally, help treat Actinic Keratosis (AK) which are little bumps that appear on the upper arms.

Why did we choose Fraxel as the resurfacing laser for our patients? Because Fraxel’s impressive results with little downtime is designed to create a younger looking appearance in as little as a single treatment without surgery or injections.  And like we mentioned, this treatment improves tone, texture and radiance for aging, sun damaged, or scarred skin.

If you’re like most of our patients you’ve probably tried fading and wrinkle creams only to be disappointed by their results. You might even have gotten Botox and still see lines on your face and are beginning to wonder if Botox even works. Well, creams and Botox do work, but the key to success is having an expert to guide you and make sure that you are investing your time in money with products and services that work for you. An expert to explain how different services and products work on the skin. We have some patients, especially gentlemen that have come in with those deep ice pick acne scars. And, just like women, they don’t like imperfections either. In fact, in some cases it can affect their confidence and work performance. Fraxel is ideal for these patients because we can gradually resurface the layers of skin to even out the scars. Over a series of sessions, we methodically and carefully smooth away layers of skin to help reveal new smooth skin as it regenerates and begins to heal resulting in a smoother more even texture with a happy side effect of increasing confidence.

We get many questions regarding Fraxel. Some of the most common are as follows:

What is Fraxel?

Dr. Sanchez chose the Fraxel Dual, which is a non-ablative laser that addresses discoloration, age spots, acne scars, fine lines, and rough texture. It is an upgrade on the original Fraxel laser.

What does “Dual” in Fraxel Dual mean?

The Fraxel Dual is actually two lasers in one: a 1927nm wavelength which lets us treat your skin superficially, what we can see on the skin with the naked eye. For example, we use it  to improve pigment such as freckles. The 1550nm wavelength can target skin texture by improving deep lines and acne scars. The best part is that we can use these wavelengths together or separately in a treatment so that we can customize each session, as well as turn the dial up or down depending on skin color so we don’t cause more damage. Operator skill is crucial for these treatments. You really want someone that knows what they’re doing (I wouldn’t Groupon a Fraxel treatment….just saying).

So, like we said, the 1927nm wavelength is for pigment: freckles, sunspots, some types of melasma and the 1550 nm wavelength is actually an erbium non-ablative fractional resurfacing wavelength that goes deeper to treat: wrinkles, acne scars, texture and tone. The best part is the deeper you go, the more thermal injury caused which makes your skin rebuild collagen over the next few months which only makes your skin look better and better with time.

How many treatments will I need?

You will see some improvement in as soon as after one treatment, but the total number of treatments needed depend on what we are treating and what the end goal is; the condition meaning the depth of wrinkles, pigment etc.  Skin color plays a big part as well because darker skin types have to work at much lower settings and will most likely require more sessions. The frequency also is taken into consideration, we are causing controlled trauma to the skin and we need to respect your skin’s natural timetable for healing. You may need 3 treatments and your BFF who  is same age, skin color, etc. may need 5. That’s because when we analyze skin, we are only concerned about the skin in front of us and its needs, we don’t compare it because no two people are identical.

Is Fraxel better than Microneedling or Dermaplaning?

Both are excellent options to improve texture and even pigment with Microneedling.  Same can be said for Chemical Peels, but Fraxel penetrates deeper and will provide more dramatic results. That being said, it is common for us to create a treatment plan that includes a combination of treatments to provide the most dramatic effects.

Does it HURT?

This is a very popular question, and like our Esthetician Veronica says, “I wish I could say Beauty means no pain, but I can’t.” We are working with wavelengths and so you will feel heat and will experience dryness post treatment, but the new Fraxel, like the one we have, is not painful for most patients. In fact, they say the feel a mild pricking sensation, but depending on your pain tolerance level, only you will know if it hurts or not. We do everything in our power to make you comfortable by including numbing cream and using a Zimmer cooler during treatment to help make your experience the best possible, but you’ll love your skin’s results, so you’ll think it’s worth it.

Do I need to Prepare for Fraxel?

Again, depending on your concerns or what you’re trying to achieve we may suggest a Chemical Peel or a series of Diamond Glows before the Fraxel to prepare the skin and accelerate the process, these types of options are discussed during the consultation.

As far as preparing for the Fraxel treatment itself, we ask that you do not use any retinoids, peels, acids, or products that cause sensitivity, but you don’t have to worry about it because we’ll give you all the Pre and Post treatment information you’ll need during you consultation.

How Much does Fraxel Cost?

Fraxel fees vary based on skin condition and area being treated. The most common areas we can treat with Fraxel are your face, neck, chest, hands, and upper arms. Single sessions start at about $1,500 for face and go up if we add areas. If you just get your hands done, they can start at around $1,000. This treatment like other cosmetic services, is not covered by insurance. In our office we accept Care Credit, offer discounted pricing if a patient pre-pay for a series (3 sessions), or becomes a Beautique Member.

What is the Downtime and What Will Happen to my Skin After my Treatment?

We tell our patients that the process will last about a week. They can expect the first couple of days to be red and may experience slight throbbing and even swelling….think of it like a sunburn. Days three to five you’ll start experience roughing up and peeling on your skin. Do NOT PICK! We don’t care how tempted you are, do NOT PICK at your skin. You can cause a lot of damage if you pick off the peeling skin, you want your skin to heal on its own. We notice that the chest are takes a little bit longer to heal so don’t freak out.

To help the healing process we will recommend that you use the Dermal Repair Cream from Senté.

This Dermal Repair Cream is a super hydrator and is formulated with Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA). It absorbs quickly and goes beyond surface hydration to restore the skin’s natural ability to renew itself. With continuous use, it is clinically shown to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, while improving skin tone and texture. This unique formulation is appropriate for compromised and sensitive skin making it ideal as a post procedure healer.

If you are interested in purchasing this super hydrator call us at (956) 664-1234 to order.

So, there you have it. The most Fraxel commonly asked questions we get about Fraxel. If this treatment sounds like something you or a loved one could benefit from please call our office at 956-664-1234. Perfect skin starts with a conversation. Let’s have one today.  #RevealYourBelleza

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