How to Enjoy Fuller Lips with Dermal Filler

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Dermal fillers, which are often used to create fuller lips, can be a great way to get your lip shape enhanced and look more youthful. The lip is the most expressive part of the face, and people will notice your lips even if they can’t see your eyes. When you feel like your lips are too thin or uneven, it may be time for dermal filler lip enhancement treatment. This non-invasive procedure can provide fuller lips with lasting results. Dermal Fillers work by injecting hyaluronic acid directly into the area where you want to add volume, lift, and fullness, and since Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in our bodies it helps keep tissues hydrated. As we age, this substance begins to break down which causes wrinkles and sagging facial features, which is why Dermal Fillers is a top service that clients request in order to avoid surgical options.


Before most of these types of services were mostly requested by clients 40+, but in this generation of Instagram and Tik Tok,non-invasive treatments, such as dermal fillers, are on the rise and plump lips are the “it” treatment. Gone are the days of surgery with long recovery times and a hefty price tag. Now there is a variety of options that can be accomplished through injectables or dermal fillers. There is no downtime with these treatments and the results can be seen immediately – what’s not to love about that? Non-surgical lip augmentation is a new trend in the industry and our clients are loving it!


Is this treatment affordable?

Almost everyone has tried to enhance their lips at some point. Maybe you’ve added a few lipsticks to your makeup bag, or maybe you’ve tried one of those lip-plumping glosses that promise to increase the size of your pout for an instant. However, if you are looking for something more permanent, but don’t want surgery, then dermal fillers might be the solution for you. Dermal Fillers average anywhere from $500-$1000 for lips depending on where you go and what part of the country you live in. The price is not cheap but it does last longer than other methods such as collagen injections which only last about 6 months. It also lasts much longer than temporary solutions like lipstick and glosses. Buyer Beware, as mentioned the product is not cheap, and you want to make sure that whoever you choose to inject has experience in working with Dermal Fillers. Gaining this experience is expensive to injectors as well, so when you see Dermal Fillers offered really cheaply, you may want to ask yourself why is it so cheap. You’re trusting your lips to someone.

At Beautique Lip Augmentation procedures typically take about 30-45 minutes, depending on the client. All our Dermal Filler procedures start with a thorough consultation, but the good thing about these treatments is that Typically there is:


• No Downtime

• Minimal Discomfort


As we have mentioned in prior blog articles, we naturally lose hyaluronic acid (HA) as we age over time, leaving the skin less supported, which causes lines and wrinkles to develop and in turn a loss of plumpness to the lips. However, the loss of plumpness to the lips may not be the only reason you are looking for lip augmentation. It’s probable that you simply want to have fuller-looking lips, contour, or just a little bit of extra oomph. Either way, our expert injectors at Beautique Medical Spa want to help you achieve your lip goals. 

fuller lips

We offer a variety of Dermal Fillers:

Juvederm’s Ultra/Ultra Plus 


RHA Collection

 Not to worry, our experienced injectors will help you choose the right injectable for enhancing your lips, the degree of fullness you desire, and your price range. 


What to Expect with a Lip Augmentation Procedure

Good news, when you decide to take the plunge with lip fillers, the results are immediate, so no need to wait months for noticeable effects! This gives you and our expert injector an opportunity to take a step back and take a look at what has been done. Our experienced injector will contour, add volume to your lips and because it is not permanent, they can remove filler in case you aren’t pleased with the results by breaking down the filler and bringing you back to your original lips.

To do this, Hyaluronidase is used. It is a biomolecule enzyme that is often used to break down hyaluronic acid, the reagent found in dermal fillers. This solution breaks down the peptide bonds that link HA together, which acts on fillers. So don’t fret, if you’re not absolutely happy with your lip augmentation – we can reverse it (making this non-surgical augmentation, our clientele’s favorite treatment). Beautique’s highest priority is ensuring that you are pleased with your personal results. 


How is it administered?

Choosing to get dermal filler injections is a big decision. Some people are too scared to get cosmetic work done, while others are looking for a quick fix to get fuller lips. Dermal fillers are the fastest way to increase the size of your lips, which is perfect if you want an immediate difference but don’t want surgery or don’t have time for it. Dermal filler is a safe, natural treatment that temporarily restores volume, giving you fuller lips. When injected into the natural lip lines, it can create an alluring pout. Dermal fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid, a protein found in the body that helps to bind water to tissue cells.


Dermal filler is a substance that is injected into the skin to increase the fullness of lips. Fillers are available in many different formulations to achieve the desired results for any individual. With time, the substance will naturally break down and be removed by the body. There are many benefits to using this method for lip enhancement, including the ability to correct asymmetry, make corrections in size, and color correction. However, there are some things you should know before undergoing dermal filler injections: Common Dos and don’ts for after treatment:


• Do not have your procedure done if you’re pregnant or nursing.

• Avoid sun exposure immediately following injection as it can cause discoloration.


Timeline: A Typical Lip Augmentation Journey 

After your first lip filler treatment:


Day 2 – 3 You may experience some swelling 

Day 3 – 4 Lips may still be swollen and slight bruising may appear

Day 5 – 7 Swelling and bruising has most likely subsided

Week 1 – 2 Ultimate Lip Goals

>2 Weeks Most clients are typically missing the swollen look- some come back for additional volume but for others – they are just the right amount of plumpness. 


It is completely normal to experience a degree of swelling and bruising- this is absolutely normal. We like to tell our clients to wait a few days when the product has evenly distributed and the swelling and bruising has subsided to have a clearer picture of how their lips actually look. Although at first, many are taken by surprise due to swelling- time and time again clients decide they want the additional volume. 

From subtle to revolutionary, beautique medical spa can offer you all your lip needs

Remember that consultations are the most important part of getting this treatment or any procedure done. Whether you choose us or another injector in the Valley, please make sure that you feel comfortable in their hands and they are experienced and licensed to inject. At Beautique we make it our number one priority to answer all questions you may have before your treatment, during, and after. Dr. Sanchez and his team of expert injectors are experienced beyond years and love to learn your aesthetic goal to get you the results you want.

Advanced Dermal Filler is a quick and easy way to get fuller lips. It can be injected in one session or done with a series of appointments, depending on how much volume is desired. If your goal is just to add some definition and hydration to your lip line without adding fullness, Advanced Dermal Filler may work well for you. For those who want their lips to look plumper and fuller, this treatment will definitely do that!

Achieving fuller lips with only makeup can be tough, but with the help of fillers, it becomes a cinch. Dermal fillers are the perfect way to create a natural and attractive look. They also offer an affordable option for those not wanting to go under the needle. Keep in mind that most fillers require between 10-15 injections and some bruising is normal, but these side effects are minimal and temporary.

4 lip filler benefits infographic

“Life is short. Buy the lips.


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