Most Women Don’t Like This Padding. How About You?

Padding on a chair or sofa? Great! Padding under your chin or on your neck? Not so much. 
Women everywhere hate that padding. And it’s no wonder. Laxity, or sagging skin, impacts how a woman feels about her attractiveness.
Well, if you’re not willing to go under the knife to correct the problem, we say, hooray! There’s a much better alternative. Dramatically tighten and firm that skin without pain or downtime.
In fact, we’ll go so far as to say, you may even enjoy it! Why? With 3Deep radio frequency, the skin is heated deep in the dermis area. That’s important because all change begins there. By heating the dermis, we stimulate your body to produce newer collagen, and that significantly tightens, firms, and tones your skin while visibly reducing wrinkles.
3Deep restores firmness and healthy plumpness to your skin. All without pain, excessive heat or side effects.
Most clients tell us that their sessions feel like a typical hot shower or hot stone massage. Safe and highly effective, your sessions are targeted and controlled giving you the results you want where you want them.
To find out if 3Deep is for you we recommend that you schedule a consultation. During your consultation, a skin expert will analyze your skin and recommend a treatment course. Everyone’s skin is different, but the typical course is 3-6 sessions.
Most clients see a reduction in skin looseness after the first session. What’s more, after your treatment course is completed, 3Deep keeps working for up to 6 months.
Ready to lose that unwanted padding and skin looseness? Find out how 3Deep will help eliminate that extra, unwanted padding.

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