Lose 2 Inches of Unwanted Fat in Less Than an Hour, Guaranteed!

No Exercise, Dieting or Surgery Required!
The Fastest Permanent Fat “Burning” Method Ever Without Exercise!
Guaranteed to lose 2 inches or it’s FREE!

I just discovered a New Incredible Technology that does for my clients what I have been searching for decades! Finally, it’s here in the Valley.
Over the years I have used many diet and exercise programs, I have tried juicing, smoothies, supplements, girdles, weight loss machines, herbal programs, injections, hormone supplementation, modified fasts, etc., to help my patients and clients lose weight with limited success. You have probably tried a few of these yourself, right?

I just met with the very inventor of this Sensational technology he named “UltraSlim,” the system that produces an incredible amount of fat loss without dieting, exercise or surgery. You must see it to believe how many calories this state-of-the-art technology makes you lose in only 32 minutes. And as they say, it will “blow your mind” when we place you under the “lights” and experience losing 2 inches of fat and shedding over 9000 calories in just 32 minutes.
Yes, we guarantee that this FDA cleared “miracle machine” will remove 2 inches in 32 minutes safely without any exercise or special diets, or you pay nothing. Our Beautique staff will place you on our clinical table while this “miracle machine” does its magic.
Just relax and listen to your favorite music while your fat cells release their content and are eliminated out of your body safely, with our simple easy-to-follow instructions. Some people will actually lose a whole dress size or more in just 2 sessions.

If you’re like most people, you have tried all sorts of diets and exercise programs; bought a treadmill to walk daily, maybe jog three times, or go to the gym a few times a week to work out or even hire a professional trainer. All these are good things to do and I will not criticize any of these methods, as they are all healthy and necessary life style activities but…

Activity Performed Amount of Time Calories Burned
Walking Slow 60 minutes 138-200
Fast Walking 45 minutes 250-350
Jogging 30 minutes 398-450
Working Out 60 minutes 443
Dancing 60 minutes 374
Zumba 60 minutes 500-700
Yoga 60 minutes 292-364
Our System 32 minutes 9600 Calories

In less than one hour you can lose what would take you a whole week to lose walking 8 hours per day, that is, you would have to walk more than 50 hours or jog more than 25 hours to lose the same amount of inches and calories (9,600 calories) than our UltraSlim system in only 32 minutes! Nothing comes close!
And, best of all, without breaking a sweat!

Call (956) 664-1234 to set up your FREE Consultation ($97 value) to find
out if our “Ultimate Lose Inches Forever Program” is right for you.
Want to learn more about how this program works?
Register for our next event at www.BeautiqueWeightLoss.com and you’ll be
entered in a drawing and you could win a FREE session!
501 N. Ware Rd. McAllen (956) 664-1234 | Dr. Manuel J. Sanchez

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