The REAL Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny is well known for his abundant energy. He keeps going long after other batteries have quit.
Hmmmm…well, we have the scoop on the real Energizer Bunny, but it has nothing to do with batteries.
Thermage, the single session clinical anti-aging treatment, is all about energy. Tons of it, in fact. This FDA approved treatment focuses a unique form of radio frequency into the deepest layers of the skin.
Because Thermage does push so much heat energy into all three layers of the skin, it kick starts the production of collagen. Existing collagen rises to the skin’s surface. New strands of collagen are then created down deep in the dermis.
And that’s a very good thing. Real, lasting change occurs in the dermis. Thermage works with your body, re-modeling collagen so that you get smoother skin with a very youthful look.
The latest evolution of Thermage includes a specially designed tip for the delicate work around your eyes. If you truly want to achieve dramatic tightening and firming in this area, Thermage is the only way to get it without surgery. It eliminates “crepe-y” skin, reduces hooding, and dramatically softens crow’s feet.
And that’s just your eyes!
Thermage re-sculpts your jawline, plumps up cheek folds, firms and tones your face and neck. Perhaps the best news of all is that this single treatment keeps working for up to six months!
Each day, you will see visible changes to your skin. Friends and family will first notice that something is different about the way you look. As time advances, they will continue to remark on your youthful appearance.
That’s because Thermage never gives away your secret! Instead, you get all the credit.
To support the on-going work of Thermage, it’s important to continue with a strong skin care program. Get monthly facials! And if your esthetician recommends SilkPeels, LED therapy, or any other complimentary treatment, hop on it!
These therapies work with Thermage to enhance and extend your results for several years of beautiful, smooth skin.

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