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Don’t Let These 5 Myths About Botox Prevent You From Owning Your Look This Year

Wrinkles…where did they come from? There is NO way they were there yesterday when you looked in the mirror. If you’re like most people, as you get a little older you will start to see little wrinkles that may bother you. We’ve all heard that those little lines are a right of passage, memories of events in our lives, rites of passage we should embrace….um…okay. I’m all for embracing the aging process and being grateful daily for another day of life, but I will NOT roll over and give in. Our team of experts will help you fight it every step of the way.

Now, I’m not saying that I want to look like a 22-year-old when I’m in my fifties, but I do want to look refreshed, and youthful. We are an anti-aging clinic, which means the majority of our clients choose us to help correct signs of aging and help eliminate those pesky lines and wrinkles.  Almost always we will recommend Botox Cosmetic to achieve immediate results, after all it is the #1 cosmetic procedure in the world!

Everyone has heard about Botox but are confused what it is, what it is used for, or think that the jokes in movies and/or internet are true. Many are concerned about the possible “frozen” look that can result from the unwanted effects of this service. However, this like many concerns are some of the most common fears and myths have been exaggerated by the public. Keep reading as Dr. Manuel Sanchez addresses some of the top Botox myths.

MYTH #1: BOTOX IS TOXIC AND UNSAFE. Botox is completely safe for cosmetic use. In 2002 the FDA-approved Botox as an anti-aging treatment and is one of the most widely administered drugs on the market today. This is also the year that Beautique Medical Spa opened and 16 years later we’re a Platinum Plus Partner with Allergan, the makers of Botox. This misconception that Botox is toxic and unsafe is largely due to the fact that Botox derives from botulinum toxin, most commonly associated with food poisoning but the amounts are nowhere near toxic levels.

MYTH #2: WRINKLES WILL WORSEN IF YOU STOP GETTING BOTOX. Botox isn’t a permanent solution to wrinkles, so as the effects of Botox generally fade away you will start to regain facial movement in the muscles before injections. Gradually, the fine lines and wrinkles will eventually start to return if you stop treatment, but if you’re like our clients you’ll most likely never want to stop getting Botox, but if for some reason you chose to stop there won’t be any permanent damage.

MYTH #3: BOTOX INJECTIONS ARE PAINFUL. Botox injections are no more painful than getting a regular shot at a doctor’s office, in fact even less because the needles are smaller, and the solution doesn’t cause any pain. There may be a mild discomfort, but the needles are very tiny thin needle, roughly the size of an eyelash, and most patients experience little to no discomfort. If you are particularly scared of needles, or have a very low pain tolerance, we have special tips up our sleeves to make sure that your visit is 100% enjoyable!

MYTH #4: BOTOX WILL MAKE ME LOOK “FROZEN”. When injected by a skilled professional, Botox should never make you look emotionless. The right amount of Botox won’t cause your face to look tight, or frozen, but instead, your skin will appear softer and wrinkle free. At Beautique our team of experts a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse in addition to Dr. Sanchez.

MYTH #5: A FACIAL CREAM AND/OR SERUM CAN DO THE SAME THING. No skin cream, or serum on the market today can actually relax the muscles in your skin., no matter how expensive it is or what the claims are, onlyBotox can do that. However, there are creams and/or serums that when used properly work together with Botox to enhance and prolong your results. One of our absolute favorite products is Cellular-Matrix Serum by Nelly de Vuyst. In fact, the entire Cellular-Matrix series is formulated to help prevent and reduce the appearance of expression lines. Ideal to use daily to prolong the effect of botulinum injection (Botox). Want to know more about Cellular-Matrix ask one of our Beautique specialists for their favorite recommendations.

There you have it, Five Common Myths that we have DEBUNKED. If you are ready to Own Your Look and are considering Botox, watch this video to find out a Bonus Myth we debunk. Remember, getting older… is inevitable.  Looking old 100% preventable.


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Here’s Your Miracle Skin Perfector

And no, we don’t say that lightly! This safe and highly effective treatment is also one of the most sought after in the world and it’s no wonder.

Microdermabrasion is loved for its comprehensive approach to skin rejuvenation. Non-surgical, non-invasive and highly effective, it’s also quick to give you results.

After just one treatment it’s easy to see and feel the difference. And here’s why: Microdermabrasion works from the inside out.

The lymphatic system, your body’s trashcan, doesn’t get dumped much. That means you see “problems” like:

  • Dull skin
  • Uneven, rough, sun-damaged skin
  • Age spots
  • Clogged pores
  • Blemishes

And that’s only mentioning a few! We’re sure you could add more.

Does SO Much More than Just Polish Skin

Microdermabrasion stimulates your lymphatic system to carry away toxins that cause those wretched problems. Plus, it stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. The result really is more than skin deep.

This quick, painless procedure gently sweeps away crow’s feet and upper lip wrinkles, reducing their appearance to a mere whisper.

And those large pores on your chin that look like orange peel? A few microdermabrasion sessions and you’ll forget they ever bothered you.

Imagine the thrill of looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing your face look years younger! Or, imagine how great it would feel to not have to worry about your wrinkles, laugh lines and crow’s feet again.

Well it’s all possible. In fact, Dr. Sanchez’s team at Beautique Medical Spa has helped people just like you restore and rejuvenate their skin on and around their face—many of whom didn’t think anything would help.

Now you can have tighter, smoother and younger-looking skin at any age. Smooth, flawless skin is literally a lunchtime appointment away. Get your heaping helping of perfect skin today!

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How To Take Control Of Your Aging Skin

Lines, wrinkles, sagging…they are all telltale signs of the passing of time. And there isn’t a single man or woman on the planet who likes it!

Aging affects how you feel about yourself and definitely how you look. But with Thermage, you have a say in the way aging affects your skin. That’s because Thermage uses a unique form of radio frequency to kick start your body’s own natural renewal process.

Unlike laser, which requires 10 or more treatments, a single treatment of Thermage is all you need. It warms the underlying layers of the skin, drawing collagen up to the skin’s surface, causing it to tighten. As the collagen moves to the surface, new strands have to grow to take its place in the dermal layer.

The result?

  • Eyes look more youthful and rested.
  • Turkey neck, loose jowls and sagging skin are all smoothed.
  • Your jaw line is sculpted and contoured.
  • Under your chin is firmed.
  • Pronounced forehead wrinkles soften dramatically.

Yes, you’ll see and feel a difference immediately, but the beauty of Thermage is that it keeps working for up to 6 months! That means you’ll see differences every day as your body continues to regenerate collagen, thickening and smoothing your skin.

The latest Thermage technology adds a gentle vibration sensation with interspersed cooling bursts for even more comfort during treatment. So you can get the lift and firmness you want without the down time or the pain.

Because the results build over time, friends and family won’t know that you’ve had Thermage. They will just know that you look younger and more confident!

To support the on going results with Thermage, it’s important to have a strong skincare program. Get regular facials! Or set up a SilkPeel or LED therapy treatment to further enhance your results.

Don’t wait on Mother Nature to do you any favors because she won’t. Take control of the signs of aging. Keep the face you love.

With over 1,000,000 treatments performed, a single 45-minute session can literally change how you see yourself!

Want to learn more? Reserve a consultation during our Thermage event on July 21, 2016 and receive special pricing and free gifts!  Click here to learn more.

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The REAL Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny is well known for his abundant energy. He keeps going long after other batteries have quit.

Hmmmm…well, we have the scoop on the real Energizer Bunny, but it has nothing to do with batteries.

Thermage, the single session clinical anti-aging treatment, is all about energy. Tons of it, in fact. This FDA approved treatment focuses a unique form of radio frequency into the deepest layers of the skin.

Because Thermage does push so much heat energy into all three layers of the skin, it kick starts the production of collagen. Existing collagen rises to the skin’s surface. New strands of collagen are then created down deep in the dermis.

And that’s a very good thing. Real, lasting change occurs in the dermis. Thermage works with your body, re-modeling collagen so that you get smoother skin with a very youthful look.

The latest evolution of Thermage includes a specially designed tip for the delicate work around your eyes. If you truly want to achieve dramatic tightening and firming in this area, Thermage is the only way to get it without surgery. It eliminates “crepe-y” skin, reduces hooding, and dramatically softens crow’s feet.

And that’s just your eyes!

Thermage re-sculpts your jawline, plumps up cheek folds, firms and tones your face and neck. Perhaps the best news of all is that this single treatment keeps working for up to six months!

Each day, you will see visible changes to your skin. Friends and family will first notice that something is different about the way you look. As time advances, they will continue to remark on your youthful appearance.

That’s because Thermage never gives away your secret! Instead, you get all the credit.

To support the on-going work of Thermage, it’s important to continue with a strong skin care program. Get monthly facials! And if your esthetician recommends SilkPeels, LED therapy, or any other complimentary treatment, hop on it!

These therapies work with Thermage to enhance and extend your results for several years of beautiful, smooth skin.

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There’s Only One Botox

What would it mean to you if you were wrinkle and line FREE? How great would it feel to actually look as young as you feel? It’s possible with Botox, the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatment in the United States. Other treatments make that claim, but results prove it isn’t true. There’s only one Botox. No other cream, serum, or treatment can provide the same results.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox causes the muscles to “relax,” so they no longer contract and cause lines and wrinkles. Botox also blocks nerve impulses to the tiny facial muscles directly related to expression lines. After treatment, the skin overlying the treated area becomes smooth and unwrinkled. The untreated muscles contract as usual and leave normal facial expressions unaffected.

What Can I Have Treated with Botox?

Most patients think of crow’s feet lines when they contemplate having Botox because they are the most common facial lines and form early in life. But did you know that there are many other wonderful uses of Botox?

Here’s a list of problem areas that can be treated quickly and easily with a simple injection of Botox: ~Frown Lines—the vertical lines in the area between the eyebrows called the Glabella.
~Forehead Lines—lines that run across the forehead parallel to the eyebrows.
~Lip Lines—lines around the outer edge of the lips that cause lipstick to “bleed” outside the lip line.
~Neck Bands—prominent bands going from the jaw line down to the base of the neck making the neck look older.
~Eyebrow Lift—Yes! A non-surgical, natural-looking eyebrow lift is possible with Botox.

If you’re ready to discover the proven results more than 11 million women and men have experienced with Botox, call our experts at (956) 664-1234 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Tighten Skin & Reduce Wrinkles Without Surgery

People spend millions of dollars each year on plastic surgery with the hope of regaining their youth. These painful, expensive procedures often result in a severe look that is more scary than youthful. But there are alternatives to plastic surgery. One of the latest advances in anti-aging is 3DEEP skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

What Is 3DEEP and How Does It Work?

3DEEP is an FDA-approved technology that uses radio frequency to treat sagging skin and wrinkles non-invasively. Energy is delivered to the deepest layers of the skin to promote the production of collagen, which improves overall skin surface texture while reducing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles and replacing them with firmer skin. It provides complete skin tightening anywhere on the body where sagging or loose skin exists. 3DEEP is ideal for:

• Fine lines around the mouth and eyes
• Post natal abdomen
• Loose, crepey skin under the arms
• Saggy jowl
• Crepey hands

Deep heating causes the skin to contract and tighten while stimulating new collagen production, bringing fresh new skin to the surface. Collagen production continues long after the treatment session to further tighten skin and yield a youthful, tightened, and lifted appearance. 3DEEP also facilitates smooth skin by improving blood flow, promoting breakdown of fatty deposits, and promoting drainage of retained fluids within the skin.

What Are 3DEEP Treatments Like?

Effective on all skin types and colors, 3DEEP treatments are designed for patient comfort. It’s a quick procedure with no downtime, minimal discomfort, and minimal risk of side effects. A handpiece is gently massaged over the treatment area in a circular motion and slowly warms as it delivers energy deep into the skin.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The most efficient protocol is four treatments performed at one week intervals, followed by several follow up treatments at longer intervals. Individual treatment sessions generally last for 30–45 minutes depending on the area. Following treatment, patients can immediately resume all normal activities. Patients often compare the procedure to a “warm massage.” The entire process is fast, so you can do it over your lunch hour. Your esthetician will help you determine how many treatments you will need based on your skin’s condition and your desired results.

How Effective Is 3DEEP?

While creams, lotions, lasers, and other technologies promise results they can’t deliver, 3DEEP has proven scientific evidence to support its skin tightening treatment results. It combines the best attributes of different radio frequency technologies to deliver safe and accurate long-lasting results. 3DEEP skin tightening is revolutionary skin care technology.

To learn more about 3DEEP skin tightening, call (956) 664-1234 to schedule a consultation. One of our skin experts will customize a treatment plan to help you look as young as you feel.

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Discovering the Benefits of Plasma Therapy in Skin Rejuvenation

It has been called the ‘Vampire Facelift,’ because the procedure involves injecting blood into the skin. This might sound like a macabre storyline from a horror novel, but in actuality, this is the latest in anti-aging skin rejuvenation.

The technology is called RegenPlasma, and it uses a high-concentration of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to promote skin health by stimulating the underlying structural integrity of the skin. Plasma is widely used in the medical field for its restorative properties, particularly in surgery and wound care. Now it is being applied to the aesthetics industry. Those same restorative properties are being used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore health and vitality to the skin.

How Does RegenPlasma Work?

Plasma contains life-giving fundamental protein growth factors designed to restore and strengthen the body. RegenPlasma is a regenerative medicine that works aesthetically when a concentration of cells is injected into the skin. The cells work with the body to naturally promote new tissue and collagen growth.

Preparation is quick and completed in the physician’s office. A blood sample is extracted and placed in a centrifuge, which separates the plasma from the red blood cells. After the centrifugation is complete, the plasma is combined with calcium chloride and injected into the skin. The treatment lasts 30-45 minutes depending on the areas being treated.

When Will I See Results?

After the treatment patients notice a softening of fine lines and deeper wrinkled areas, such as nasolabial folds, look plumper and smoother. However, the main goal of RegenPlasma is the development of long-term collagen formation in the dermis. Plumping of treated skin may be slowly absorbed by the dermis creating a platform for stronger skin.

Overall, results will vary depending on the patient’s health, age, and genetic make-up. Most patients enjoy noticeable improvement in skin condition, texture, and tone within three weeks. Subtle improvements can continue for up to a year.

What Areas Can Be Treated with RegenPlasma?

PRP is derived from a patient’s own cells and contains no synthetic products, so it can treat virtually any area of the body including face, neck, chest, hands, scars, etc. The blood is safely and quickly prepared in the physician’s office and delivered to the skin within the same treatment session.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The procedure is less painful and causes less bruising than other dermal fillers on the market, and because the cells are taken exclusively from the patient, there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction or intolerance. Nevertheless, you should let your physician know of any medications you are currently taking.

How Do I Take Care of My Skin After the Treatments?

To get the most out of your RegenPlasma treatments, you should eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, drink lots of water, and follow up your treatments with facial care recommended by your esthetician.

To schedule your FREE consultation to find out if RegenPlasma is right for you, call (956) 664-1234.

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