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Here’s Your Miracle Skin Perfector

And no, we don’t say that lightly! This safe and highly effective treatment is also one of the most sought after in the world and it’s no wonder.

Microdermabrasion is loved for its comprehensive approach to skin rejuvenation. Non-surgical, non-invasive and highly effective, it’s also quick to give you results.

After just one treatment it’s easy to see and feel the difference. And here’s why: Microdermabrasion works from the inside out.

The lymphatic system, your body’s trashcan, doesn’t get dumped much. That means you see “problems” like:

  • Dull skin
  • Uneven, rough, sun-damaged skin
  • Age spots
  • Clogged pores
  • Blemishes

And that’s only mentioning a few! We’re sure you could add more.

Does SO Much More than Just Polish Skin

Microdermabrasion stimulates your lymphatic system to carry away toxins that cause those wretched problems. Plus, it stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. The result really is more than skin deep.

This quick, painless procedure gently sweeps away crow’s feet and upper lip wrinkles, reducing their appearance to a mere whisper.

And those large pores on your chin that look like orange peel? A few microdermabrasion sessions and you’ll forget they ever bothered you.

Imagine the thrill of looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing your face look years younger! Or, imagine how great it would feel to not have to worry about your wrinkles, laugh lines and crow’s feet again.

Well it’s all possible. In fact, Dr. Sanchez’s team at Beautique Medical Spa has helped people just like you restore and rejuvenate their skin on and around their face—many of whom didn’t think anything would help.

Now you can have tighter, smoother and younger-looking skin at any age. Smooth, flawless skin is literally a lunchtime appointment away. Get your heaping helping of perfect skin today!

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Is Botox Safe?

Botox has gotten a lot of press, both positive and negative. So let’s talk about that. Botox is often associated with botulism, or food poisoning, but that’s not really correct.

Botox is a highly purified protein that is derived from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum, which causes food poisoning. To contract food poisoning, the actual botulism has to be directly introduced into the body.

With Botox Cosmetic, no bacteria are introduced into the body. Instead, the purified protein of the bacteria is introduced in very, very low doses. We realize this sounds a bit technical, but it’s an important distinction.

So we’ll repeat it: No toxin is introduced into your body. Instead, a purified protein of the bacteria is injected. Very big difference.

Botox is the most commonly used non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed. Literally, millions of injections have been given in its 25-year history, and not one single reported death.

Of course, there are risks with any drug, but Botox’s safety record even beats that of aspirin. And there are few, if any, side effects.

Your biggest concern with Botox injections should be the experience of the practitioner. This single handedly determines how natural you look!

We cannot stress how important the practitioners’ experience is. You may see many promotions for “Cheap and discounted Botox”, all we can say is “Buyer Beware.” There’s probably a reason for those deep discounts and you should really find out before letting someone inject your face. At Beautique we have been performing Botox since 2002 which means we have injected thousands of Botox injections.  In fact, in 2011 we introduced our Botox Club which made it easy for our clients to get their Botox as well as many other favorite services that helps our clients look and feel their best.  When it comes to your face and body you deserve the very best!

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There’s Only One Botox

What would it mean to you if you were wrinkle and line FREE? How great would it feel to actually look as young as you feel? It’s possible with Botox, the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatment in the United States. Other treatments make that claim, but results prove it isn’t true. There’s only one Botox. No other cream, serum, or treatment can provide the same results.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox causes the muscles to “relax,” so they no longer contract and cause lines and wrinkles. Botox also blocks nerve impulses to the tiny facial muscles directly related to expression lines. After treatment, the skin overlying the treated area becomes smooth and unwrinkled. The untreated muscles contract as usual and leave normal facial expressions unaffected.

What Can I Have Treated with Botox?

Most patients think of crow’s feet lines when they contemplate having Botox because they are the most common facial lines and form early in life. But did you know that there are many other wonderful uses of Botox?

Here’s a list of problem areas that can be treated quickly and easily with a simple injection of Botox: ~Frown Lines—the vertical lines in the area between the eyebrows called the Glabella.
~Forehead Lines—lines that run across the forehead parallel to the eyebrows.
~Lip Lines—lines around the outer edge of the lips that cause lipstick to “bleed” outside the lip line.
~Neck Bands—prominent bands going from the jaw line down to the base of the neck making the neck look older.
~Eyebrow Lift—Yes! A non-surgical, natural-looking eyebrow lift is possible with Botox.

If you’re ready to discover the proven results more than 11 million women and men have experienced with Botox, call our experts at (956) 664-1234 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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