Evolution of Beauty: Cosmetic Procedures

This year Beautique will be celebrating it’s 15-year anniversary. During these 15 years we have pridefully ensured that the services and products we offer are among the very best available. Coincidentally, the FDA approval of our beloved Botox happened 15 years ago as well! Our oldest and most loyal friend has ventured through the years with us and inspired all we have come to offer in the way of revealing La Belleza in our clients. While we offer hand-picked services and products designed to help our clients, our #1 focus is about the results and transformation they will achieve.
A lot has happened over the years: technology has advanced rapidly, beauty standards have changed, availability of products and treatments are abundant, and the relentless research in this industry has produced some amazing results. Not only has Botox pioneered in the anti-ageing world but we now have compliments to Botox such as dermal fillers, light therapy, microdermabrasion, thread face lifts, and injectable treatments. Women and men alike are looking younger and younger now already from nutritional advancements, increased health consciousness, and protection from sunlight – combine that with the cosmetic procedures and we have ourselves the fountain of youth!

The medical spa industry has also expanded to assist in other health and aesthetic concerns. Here at Beautique we are proud to offer the most advanced forms of laser hair removal, body sculpting, weight loss, health supplements, top-rated cosmetics, the best facial care products available, targeted laser treatments, and a well experienced/ knowledgeable staff who have seen it all!
So now here we are, 15 years of experience and proudly serving the McAllen, TX area. Over the next few weeks we will dig deeper into the history of what we’ve mentioned above. We’ve dug up some interesting facts and they should make for a good read!

If you are just checking us out for the first time and thinking about what services might benefit you feel free to give our office a call. A team member can provide further information on what we have to offer you. .

If you are a returning loyal customer we just want to say THANK YOU! These last 15 years are a toast to all our amazing clients and we want you to know we appreciate you. Check out the website for current promotions and stay tuned for our anniversary promotion! Also follow us on Facebook for news, updates, contests, tips, and more!


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