Sente: Light Years Ahead of Turning Back Time

A science-based beauty line, SENTÉ® combines grassroot biotechnology with pharmaceutical development to create breakthrough anti-aging products. A leading skincare with advanced technology, SENTÉ® is the first and only product line in the aesthetic market that contains patented Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) technology, a bioengineered low molecular weight heparan sulfate modified to improve the appearance of mature or prematurely aged skin.

What is HSA and why do I need it?

Heparan Sulfate Analog-HSA is a modified form of heparan sulfate, which is essential to skin health. It improves the appearance of mature, photo-aged and dehydrated skin. An essential glycosaminoglycan (GAG), heparan sulfate analog contributes to skin development and homeostasis which actively promotes skin health. GAGs such as HSA and hyaluronic acid are well known as endogenous super hydrators that bind and retain water, to keep your skin extra hydrated, as well as, preserve the structural integrity of collagen and elastin fibers which basically make your skin look younger and vibrant.

So, what does all of this mean in non-scientific terms?

Heparan sulfate plays a major role in tissue remodeling, cell adhesion, immune function, and growth factor responsiveness. With age, our levels of heparan sulfate decline, and our skin sags, collagen becomes less organized, and wounds heal more slowly.  Replenishing this vital molecule is likely to have a ton of marked benefits for aging skin. Specifically, HS and its protein-bound forms, plays an important role in collagen fiber development, membrane regeneration, and tissue related to wound healing. This results from their capacity to bind, store, present, degrade, and amplify growth factors. Heparan sulfate is present in all layers of skin and—due to its key actions in skin health and wound repair–has been termed a master molecule” for skin.
One of SENTÉ flagship products is their Dermal Repair Cream. This paraben-free, fragrance-free moisturizer improves the appearance of the skin’s texture, firmness, and helps to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. An 8-week study demonstrated that SENTÉ’s topical formulation significantly improved: skin hydration, barrier function, elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles within 8 weeks.  The entire SENTÉ Line Features this Master molecule which is dramatically changing both our skin and our client’s skin.
Although we carry the full treatment line of SENTÉ, here are a couple of products we would like to tell you about:

  • The SENTÉ Bio Complete Serum is a lightweight nighttime formula that combines the benefits of patented HSA technology with sustained retinoids and other key ingredients for the look of firmer and smoother skin with minimal irritation. Retinoids increase cellular turnover to help reduce wrinkles and discoloration in your skin. Paired with HSA this is one of the safest retinoid products we have experienced.
  •  SENTÉ’s Pollution Shield™ SPF 46 is a full-physical broad spectrum sunscreen with innovative technologies to shield and detoxify the skin, it’s formulated with non-Nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, SENTÉ Pollution Shield receives the Skin Cancer Society Seal of Approval, and while this product shields you from the harmful effects of the sun you will love that is a tinted moisturizer! For most of us at Beautique we use this product on weekends without any other type of foundation or powder, and our faces look amazing!

SENTÉ products also have: soothing and wound-healing properties and antioxidant properties stronger than vitamin C, as well as anecdotal reports of skin lightening and brightening effects. SENTÉ‘s motto is: Firm. Elastic. Strong. Overtime, as you gradually use these core products and incorporate them in your skincare, that’s exactly how your skin is going to feel! Come check out the full line at Beautique Medical Spa and don’t forget to ask how you could win over $600 in SENTE products this month.

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