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The Answers to Your Top Three Lip Filler Questions!

 Thinking About Adding Volume with Lip Filler?

Here are Three Things to Consider Before You Get Lip Injections:


Angelina Jolie, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna.  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of these beautiful ladies? Lips, right? While we’ll never really know what they have done to their lips, we know that they are some of the most mentioned celebrity names to us when clients come to get their lips done. Either because they want their lips to look like their favorite celebrity, or they don’t want their lips to look like one of them. 


There are no two pairs of lips that are identical. It’s our job as injectors is to fuse our expertise with artistry so that we can help our clients achieve lips that they love. Has this ever happened to you? You take a picture of a hair style or color that you like to your hairdresser expecting to come out of the salon looking like the person in the picture. That never happens does it? That’s because everyone’s hair is different, and we are NOT the model or celebrity in the picture. The same principle applies when considering lip filler. 


Since 2002, we’ve been transforming Rio Grande Valley residents’ lips and have seen products come and go. Today we’re going to talk about the top three questions we get about lip injections and the top four types of lip filler that we offer in our practice.

Lip filler before and after


Why do I need a consultation?


Time for important questions: 

The initial consultation is the most important part of the entire process. Think of this as the dating portion of the process. You wouldn’t go up to someone in a bar and ask them to marry you, would you?  The same applies to choosing a skin expert to trust. The consultation is crucial because this is your chance as a client to ask questions. You can see how you like the injector, the location, the rest of the team etc. We always encourage clients to ask questions. We want you to be 100% comfortable with your decision.

As providers, the consultation is important because we get to ask you questions as well, that will let us get a better idea of how compliant you will be. We need to know what your expectations are, and information like if you have any events coming up in the very near future etc. We ask questions to make sure that we feel you are a good candidate for a procedure. And when it comes to treatments such as lip filler, we ask lifestyle questions so that we can make the best recommendation for you. We love seeing pictures that you bring in to give us an idea of what you find attractive, but we set the expectations from the very beginning because we want you to be happy.


Communication is key:

Adding volume to your lips or defining your lip border is very exciting, but we find that on the injection day, our clients are so busy imagining their new look that they aren’t listening to all the do’s and don’ts etc. That is another reason why we like to have an initial consultation. It allows us to go over pre and post instructions with you, cost, etc. It’s also very important to know that as injectors we cannot alter the shape of your lips.  Lips are not symmetrical, and we can’t change their natural shape. We can even out asymmetry, define the borders, add a little volume etc. That is why we like to see the pictures you find attractive to make the recommendation, but please remember that your lips are yours and we will enhance your natural beauty. 

It’s also important to know that when we see celebrities in magazines or on social media, we are only seeing an after. We don’t know what their lips looked like before. They don’t tell us how many sessions they have had or what combinations of product they have had. Keep in mind we don’t even know how airbrushed the picture is. Lips can be a process. Each product is designed to do a specific task and the product’s duration can vary.


Can I Have Natural Looking Lips with Filler? 

Absolutely! If your injector knows what he or she is doing, you can absolutely have natural looking lips. After all our #1 priority is to provide enhancement. Achieving a natural look with filler is going to depend mainly on the type of product and its application. Again, this is why the consultation is so important. Often times we start with one product and wait a few weeks to have our client come back for either more of the same product or a different one to keep enhancing. Think of it like getting the perfect hair color and highlights. Very rarely is that achieved during the first visit, but requires a few visits so that you and your hairdresser get the look you want. The same goes with lip filler, actually with all cosmetic procedures. In the right hands you will be able to get the results you want.

lip filler before and after


What Type of Filler Should I Get? 

Typically, your injector will recommend the type of filler you need based on the answers provided during the consultation, but here is a list of the four fillers we use for lips and what they do. The first three products are from the company Allergan, the makers of Botox.



  • Juvéderm® Volbella XC is the thinnest formulation and is used to correct vertical lips lines and outline the lips. This product will not add a lot of volume but instead will provide a “lip gloss effect” by smoothing out the wrinkles and add hydration. Volbella can be used to fill in the thin vertical lip lines (also known as smoker lines). This is a great way to stop your lipstick from bleeding!


  • Juvéderm® Ultra XC is the classic injectable gel that temporarily adds more fullness and plumps thin lips. It is more structured so is great for adding definition and volume. This is one of those products that multiple syringes and appointments may be needed due to the nature of the product. 


  • Juvéderm® Vollure XC is Deenis’s personal favorite “go-to” product to achieve a very smooth, natural volume with noticeable smoothness. She compares its smoothness to honey.


  • Restylane®Kysse™ by Galderma, the maker of Restylane, is the first Hyaluronic Acid lip filler formulated with XpresHAn Technology™ for smooth, natural-looking results, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The XpresHAn Technology™ manufacturing process allows for a gel that integrates into the skin for natural expression in motion. Our injector Deenis really likes this product because as she says, “it does what it’s told”. She is impressed with the definition that it provides. It is very consistent when injected and leaves a very nice border.

Kysse by Restylane


Why Choose Beautique Medical Spa?

There you have it. If you’ve been thinking about adding a little volume to your lips, we hope that this article has provided you with answers that you find helpful. Remember that consultations are the most important part of getting this or any procedure done. Whether you choose us or another injector in the Valley, please make sure that you feel comfortable in their hands. Make sure that they understand your aesthetic and aren’t just selling you what is on promotion that month. It’s true we offer promotions, but just because something is featured, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. As the #1 Cosmetic Injectors in the Valley, we get the largest number of rebates and special offers from our vendors to pass along to you. We also have the most flexible memberships in the area that give you exclusive pricing 365 days a year.

If you’re considering getting a non-invasive procedure, like lip filler, we invite you to consider our office. Please call us at (956) 664-1234 and we’ll schedule your Perfect Complexion Analysis which is a comprehensive consultation featuring the VISIA which allows us to create a custom plan based on your true skin age. 

 “Absolutely love coming here! As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with a smile. Deenis is amazing, and as an RN with plenty of expertise in this field, she makes you feel very comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable in what she does and always recommends what’s best for you and your budget. I love how she and receptionist follow up with you after your visit.” -Cassandra

Like what you just read? Please check out our other blog articles. We also have a YouTube Channel filled with valuable videos. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram! 

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The Real-Life Eraser Tool

You know that magical little eraser tool in our beauty photo apps? The one that makes those annoying imperfections on our face disappear? What if we told you there was a real life version? Well, great news, Juvéderm XC is like a real-life eraser tool, magically eliminating lines and wrinkles! Juvéderm, and the Juvéderm family of dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the body. This substance is a vital lubricant and moisturizer used by the body to cushion joints and aid in healing tissues. Each filler in the Juvéderm family is formulated with Vycross cross-linking technology which effects particle sizing and consistency. Each filler is designed to target different issues of the skin. They can be used separately, focusing on specific areas of the face, or in combination with each other for more complex issues.


What is Juvéderm XC?

Juvéderm XC is a smooth consistency gel filler that works best for laugh lines, fine lines, and nasolabial folds. Other hyaluronic acid fillers available on the market are more of a granular consistency which can produce puffier and less natural results. Juvéderm gives instant, natural results that can last up to one year.



What is Juvéderm Voluma?

Juvéderm Voluma is formulated to be injected deep into the skin below the muscle. It’s best for adding volume to sunken cheeks and sagging skin. Voluma can also be used to lift cheeks in order to pull skin back and lessen the appearance of loose skin lower on the face sort of like a faux face lift. In combination with Juvéderm XC, you can target all areas around the nose and mouth while giving your cheeks a youthful plump. Voluma last up to 2 years and produces instant results.



What is Juvéderm Vollure?

Juvéderm Vollure is much like its parent filler Juvéderm XC. It can be used for the same issues but for a slightly softer look. Vollure also lasts a little longer than Juvéderm XC at about 18 months. Juvéderm Vollure produces softer, less dramatic, and more natural results.



What is Juvéderm Volbella?

Juvéderm Volbella is specially designed for delicate lip areas and finer lines. Volbella consists of smaller particle sizes with lower molecular weight ratio. This means that Juvéderm Volbella can easily be used in very small areas like above the lips, in the lips, and under the eyes along the trough. The effect is plumper lips without looking overly full, the elimination of fine lines without puffing, and a solution for hollow, saggy looking eyes. Volbella lasts for about a year and can be administered every month for touch ups as needed.



Wish you could use an eraser tool on your actual face? Can you picture yourself with similar results? YES! So can we. Beautique Medical Spa proudly offers the Juvéderm family of fillers. You can find out more information on these services and more by visiting our website. Got questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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Evolution of Beauty: Dermal Fillers

Looking to quickly reduce lines and wrinkles? Add volume? Eliminate sagging skin? A dermal filler is the best bet for fast and effective results. There are a few options out there and a short history of mediums used. Present day fillers are safe, non-invasive, and designed to target specific areas and problems.

Where did this technology come from? At the turn of the 19th century physicians were using fat transplants from other areas of the body (like arms) to fill facial defects. Over the next few decades, other fillers like silicone and animal collagen were experimented with as well as uses for fillers other than just defects. Fast forward another 50 years and we have the start of modern injectable fillers and the successful use of Hyaluronic Acid. Here at Beautique we utilize various forms of Hyaluronic Acid such as Juvederm®, Volbella®, and Voluma®. Dermal fillers have revolutionized the plastic surgery industry. No longer do you have to consider an invasive operation to look younger. Results are also instant and continue to look better over time. The best part? Minimal down time. You don’t have to hide out in your house for weeks waiting for your face to heal. Amazing right?

Injection fillers are not just for a pouty pucker. The Juvederm® family of dermal fillers features injectable gel filler and is available in different thicknesses for different needs like wrinkles and lines. Volbella®, caters to the lips while Voluma® treats sagging skin and sunken cheeks. As we age, the molecular structure of our skin begins to break down. The video below shows exactly how it all works.

If you haven’t considered a dermal filler option before, now is the time to book a consultation or contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions or address concerns you may have. We are also excited for our Fall Filler Mania promotion coming up this month! Look amazing for all of your upcoming family holiday gatherings!




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