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Success with Kybella

We have talked about Kybella a few times on our blogs and clearly it is one of our favorite treatments! The science, benefits, and results are enough to create a believer but what about post procedure? What about before? Did you know that you can pair more than one procedure? Sometimes, with everything available out there, a treatment plan for your aesthetic goals can be a little overwhelming. Here, we offer some recommendations on maximizing the success of your Kybella treatment as well as how to combine  Kybella with other services for superior results. 


 Kybella treatments are non-invasive and have little to zero downtime. We recommend the following steps in order to keep it that way.

 Before your procedure 

  • To minimize bruising or bleeding, eliminate the use of Aspirin, Ibeuprophen, Ginko Biloba, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin E and other fatty acids for about a week prior to treatment.
  • Consult with your doctor about medications you are taking.  
  • Avoid high sodium foods, sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine or any other substance that may induce swelling.  
  • Get your treatment 2-3 weeks before any major events as swelling may take a bit to subside completely.  


After your procedure 

  • Do not massage or rub the treatment area 
  • Ice is your best friend! Ice the area in 20-30-minute intervals for about 24 hours 
  • If possible sleep on your back for 3-5 days 
  • Avoid excessive sun and heat exposure for 3-5 days 


Talk to us about the following treatments to maximize your Kybella results!

Detox Facial – Kybella destroys fat cells and they then exit the body through the lymphatic system. Three to four weeks post treatment, we highly recommend a lymphatic facial massage. The “Detox Facial” offered by Beautique stimulates lymphatic drainage and detoxing. This relaxing and contouring facial can help speed up the Kybella process as well as give your face a beautiful glow AND release endorphins. Yes! We enjoy this facial so much that we blogged about. Check it out in the archives here: BLOG Archives: Lymphatic Facial Massage

Thermage – Whenever a portion of fat is removed from the body, the skin has to bounce back. Depending on factors such as age, skin elasticity, and collagen quality, our skin may not always bounce back the way we want it to. Sometimes, submental fullness is caused by excess skin itself. If Kybella rids your neck of fat but you still have excess skin, we recommend adding Thermage to tighten the area and stimulate collagen production. Thermage uses radio frequencies to stimulate collagen and shrink back the skin We recommend Thermage first so that you can get Kybella right away, but if you receive Kybella first then you would need to wait a couple of weeks before getting Thermage. We have written about this dynamic duo before! Destroy the fat and tighten up that skin with Kybella + Thermage – you can read more here BLOG Archives: The Dynamic Duo Kybella + Thermage

Ultra Slim or 3Deep – If you have excessive amount of fat under your chin, you can combine fat eliminating treatments if they are done in the correct way. For example, treat with Ultra Slim (light therapy fat destroyer) and then, after sufficient time, use Kybella to spot treat, or vise versa. Your beauty expert at Beautique can come up with the right plan for you in order to meet all of your goals. As you have probably guessed, we have blogged about UltraSlim too! Read more about it here: BLOG Archives: UltraSlim – Shed up to 2 Inches in an Hour!

Kybella’s success rate and efficiency in treating submental fat, make it one of the most valuable and successful treatments out there. If you have additional questions feel free to contact the spa. We’ve got answers! Contact Us 

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Success with Thermage

As magical as Thermage is, it is still important to be informed and prepared to get the most out of your treatment. Below you will find a guide as well as before and after care recommendations. We have performed many Thermage procedures and have seen it all. Trust our Thermage experts for the most successful and beautiful results.
What First?
Before your treatment, get acquainted with what to expect.
  • Understand the process. Thermage treatments use a device that tightens skin on your face and body without making any incisions or using lasers. Rather, the device emits pulses that heat the skin, causing it to contract.
  • Contact Beautique Medical Spa to learn if Thermage is right for your needs. Dr. Sanchez or any of our experts can explain all aspects of the procedure and will also be able to do an evaluation to determine if treatment is right for you.
  • What to expect during your Thermage treatment. If you’re worried about pain (which is minor), the doctor can apply an anesthetic lotion to the treatment area or prescribe oral pain relievers. During the procedure, you’ll most likely feel cold and warm sensations with each pulse. You may experience some tenderness, redness or swelling in the treatment area afterwards. You can find out more about what to expect in our previous blog post Thermage- What to Expect 
  • Schedule enough time for your treatment. The length of the Thermage treatment will vary depending on the treated area. This means that, for some patients, a Thermage treatment only lasts a few minutes, while others may spend up to an hour with the doctor.
  • Most importantly, remember that your results will appear and improve gradually. Although a lot of people notice improvement immediately after a Thermage treatment, the skin’s appearance continues to improve in the weeks and months that follow.


What Next?
Following the procedure there is little to no down time. You can ensure the most out of your treatment by taking good care of your skin. Preventing future damage is very important as this will ensure prolonging the reversal of prior damage.
  • Wash that face! No matter what type of treatments you have, it is always important to keep your face clean meaning pores free of dirt and makeup. Use a high quality face wash with gentle circular motions to improve blood circulation.
  • Use an antioxidant rich cream like Mask Biotense by Nelly DeVuyst. Antioxidants prevent collagen from breaking down.
  • Use a good daily sunscreen like SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen by Nelly DeVuyst. We love the sun too, but the sun’s harmful rays wreak havoc on our skin and promote premature aging. Protect your skin!
  • Invest in a heavy duty nighttime moisturizer and make sure it contains wrinkle-fighting ingredients we recommend Lifecell Plus Mask by (you guessed it) Nelly DeVuyst.
  • Exfoliate! Regularly exfoliating promotes cell turnover which generates new cells and brightens skin.


Thermage also works well with other amazing treatments like Kybella, Botox and Dermal Fillers. Read about Thermage and Kybella in a blog from our archive here  The Dynamic Duo – Kybella + Thermage.
You can find our products and services by visiting
Whatever your desired results are, Beautique Medical Spa can get you there. Dr. Sanchez can create a tailored treatment plan to successfully meet your beauty needs!
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Thermage Head-To-Toe

Anti-aging treatments have come a long way – these days we can control the way our skin appears to age as well as reverse signs that have already appeared. Thermage is a proven, unique radiofrequency treatment that can help improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin. You CAN have smoother, sleeker, and younger looking appearance and texture. Thermage works in just one treatment with little down time and delivers a natural looking result.


What areas of the body can benefit from Thermage?

Eye Area – fine lines, hooded eyelids, and a sagging brow line can make us look worn-down and older. Thermage treats the upper and lower eyelids to help you look more rested and your




Face & Neck – as we age, phrases like “turkey neck”, loose jowls, sagging skin and undefined jawlines begin to creep in. Thermage smooths these fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating and shaping collagen to improve the shape, texture and appearance of the skin.



The Body – aging is not limited to our faces; our entire bodies see the effects too. Crepey, sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples start to appear. Thermage is the best non-invasive treatment to smooth loose skin around the body and even temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite.


If you are unsure where on your body you would benefit from Thermage, please get in touch with us! Let our experienced team of beauty experts answer any questions you may have.

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Thermage – What to Expect

Obviously at Beautique Medical Spa we love ALL things anti-aging but one of our VERY favorite treatments is Thermage. Thermage is versatile and non-invasive which makes it a great solution for many skin elasticity issues. Like with all amazing things, understanding equals believing!

Thermage is a proven radio frequency treatment that transforms skin by working below the surface and addresses a wide range of surface imperfections that result from age and environmental factors. Benefits include the smoothing of wrinkly or uneven skin, better definition of facial features around the eyes, jaw and neckline, and even the smoothing and toning of unsightly bulges, dimples and wrinkles on the face and body. Thermage radio frequency energy works with your body, remodeling your collagen to help your skin get that smooth feel and youthful look you want. Thermage treats targeted problem areas – so the results are focused and effective. Can we say, yes please!

Duration of Procedure: Thermage treatments take about 45-90 minutes depending on the area of the body. Eyes and face take a shorter amount of time and larger areas of the body take a little longer

Number of Treatments: After only one treatment you will see and feel results. However, treatments can be repeated every 6 months or yearly

Duration of Results: Most patients can see and feel the skin tighten shortly after the procedure – with a day. What’s better is results continue to improve for up to six months as your body regenerates new collagen. Contouring continues to improve also as the collagen matrix thickens and creates a smoothing effect. And the very best part? Results can last years!

Comfort: Beautique Medical Spa has the latest CPT technology – it adds a gentle vibration sensation and interspersed cooling that enhance comfort during treatments. You will feel a mixture of cooling and heating sensations during each pulse. Throughout your procedure we will ask you for feedback on the level of heat sensation in order to help balance your comfort with maximum results. After treatment your skin may be slightly red but most people resume regular activities immediately after treatment. There’s typically no down time.


What kind of results can I expect?

Results may vary based on age and collagen quality but many patients report the below results. Again, results begin to take shape shortly after treatment and continue to improve over time.

Eyes: Tightening of hooded eyelids, unfurrowed brow line, diminished crow’s feet, firmer skin and less bagging under the eyes

Face: Contoured jaw line and profile, less “turkey neck”, diminished laugh lines and jowls, firmer cheeks.

Body: Smoothing of bulging areas around the waist, tighter skin on back of arms, elimination of extra skin around the stomach, temporary elimination of cellulite dimples on the buttocks and thighs.


Thermage works great for women who have had children and need to tighten loose skin, people who have lost weight and still have extra skin, as well as individuals who have sagging skin from age and exposure to sun. As mentioned, the process is quick and non-invasive with long lasting results. The first step is to identify the areas of your body that you want to improve and then contact Beautique Medical Spa and schedule your consultation! We will even throw in a free gift, just mention this blog post.

Also, check out these amazing success stories Patient Success Stories

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The Dynamic Duo – Kybella + Thermage

The chin, neck, and the area in-between can tell a lot about our age. “Double chins” are often a curse to many women and men whether they are slim, have extra weight, old, or young – it really is a common problem. The technical term is submental fullness and can really make us look older and heavier than we really are.

Just 3 common reasons for excessive submental fullness:

Our first thought is to get rid of the fat. We have read through many forums where women lose weight but their chin and neck area continue to look the same. They have tried dieting, creams, chin and neck exercises – most without the results they had hoped for. The next option is to remove the fat with alternative treatments (like Kybella which is our FAVORITE!). Kybella is a prescription medicine that can literally melt the fat away. This is a great solution, but unless you have amazing skin elasticity (which some very lucky individuals do), you could be left with another problem…turkey neck!

Don’t worry! We have treatments for that too! Advancements in the beauty world have given us some great options like Thermage – the revolutionary treatment for tightening sagging and loose skin. We seriously cannot talk about Thermage enough. The results have been amazing and life changing.  Instead of having that extra skin removed, Thermage uses radio-frequency to strengthen the collagen in your skin. It also helps to get rid of lines and wrinkles! SIGN US UP!!!

So, now what does this mean for someone who needs both treatments? It may sound like a lot of work, and a little scary. We agree, at first glance it may seem that way, but let us assure you that this is a great alternative to going under the knife. It’s a non-invasive replacement to lipo-suction and a nip/tuck of the skin. In just a few sessions you can have the fat removed to reshape your jawline/profile and then look more youthful by tightening and firming the skin in and around those areas. We are IN LOVE with modern technology!

The best plan of attack is to talk with a professional first. Call us today or book your consultation online and meet with one of our doctors who will analyze your problem areas and come up with the best plan to ensure the best results.


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