The 411 On How to Get Rid of Wrinkles!

So, has the whole aging thing got you down?
Every time you turn around there’s another wrinkle mocking you in the mirror.
And wait! Are those baby jowls starting to form on either side of your chin?
OMG! It’s enough to make the strongest woman cry. And why not?
Losing volume in your cheeks (AKA that gaunt look), marionette and smile lines, and then those sneaky vertical lines above your lip that hog your make-up, well, it’s enough to make you lose your religion.
Well, Mother Nature may have attacked, but we have a counter plan! With Juvederm, we can restore lost volume in your cheeks, cease and desist on smile and marionette lines, and make vertical lip lines a thing of the past.
And if your under eye area is showing signs of hollowing out, Juvederm can restore it, giving your face a lift without expensive plastic surgery.
How? Juvederm is made from hyaluronic acid, your body’s natural internal moisturizer. This key bodily ingredient is what gives your face its fullness, and that’s exactly what Juvederm does for you.
In our highly skilled hands, we can sculpt the volume you once had without making it look obvious. Will your friends notice? Absolutely! Will they know what you did? Absolutely not!
FDA approved and perfect for all skin types, Juvederm lasts up to one year. Smooth out wrinkles, add volume instantly!
Time doesn’t wait; why should you? Set up a consultation today to see if Juvederm is right for you.

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